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Wool blanket? Consider a Alpaca Blanket for Luxury

Alpaca blanket Australia – There are many options and reasons people buy throw blankets.  People are starting to realize how luxurious and warm an Alpaca Blanket is. Sheep’s wool blanket? or a cotton blanket? Have you been thinking about Purchasing a wool blanket or throw rug?  Growing in popularity, more people are considering an Alpaca blanket instead.

When looking for things like blankets and throw rugs, people want the most comfortable materials. Warmth is one thing people think about when buying a throw blanket. Which throw blanket is going to keep you the warmest.  Two of these options include a sheep’s wool blanket and an alpaca blanket.  Although these options share a great deal of similarities, there are also some very distinct differences. These differences may make an alpaca blanket a more desirable choice over the option of a sheep’s wool blanket.  Here is a closer look at the differences between a sheep’s wool blanket and a alpaca blanket. This article is here to help you decide which of these materials is the best choice for you.

Which Blanket is better?  Sheep’s wool or Alpaca?

Both of these items come in different variations, making some options softer than others. Due to different processing techniques, both sheep’s wool or alpaca fiber can be incredibly soft.  Alpaca fiber has the capability of feeling just as soft as the ultra-luxurious cashmere.  As long as you have either option with the best fiber count, these are both incredible options.

However, once you get past this there are other things that you need to consider. One thing is that
alpaca fleece is a lot warmer than sheep’s wool.  The reason for this, is because alpaca fleece is a fiber that is hollow. There are air pockets within the alpaca fibers that allow heat to get captured in there, which can improve the warmth and heating capacities of the blanket.

Alpaca blanket Australia – Is hypoallergenic properties important to you?

Another great benefit is that alpaca is a hypo-allergenic option, which is great for those people with sensitivities and allergies that may be impacted by sheep’s wool.  Sheep’s wool tends to contain lanolin, which is something that people often have a reaction too.  There are also barbs in sheep’s wool that can cause irritation.  There are chemical aids that can remove the allergens from sheep’s wool, but these are not very eco-friendly choices.  Alpaca fiber is naturally hypo-allergenic, so this is a better option for you and the environment.

Alpaca blanket Australia – Alpaca fiber has amazing moisture wicking abilities.

Lastly, alpaca fleece is a great option because it is nearly completely waterproof.  To survive in its natural environment, it needs to have a hearty coat.  You can pour water on an alpaca and they will get wet but it does have wicking abilities. Wool will absorb, at most, 50% of its weight in moisture.  When the saturation point is hit, that moisture will get into contact with your skin and cause irritation.  With alpaca fleece, the hollow core will trap more heat that will actually push out the water.  This means that there is no saturation point that will negatively impact your skin. In short, the warmth of the alpaca fleece causes the water to evaporate.

Alpaca blanket Australia.  We think Alpaca fiber is the superior option.

As you can see, there are some very distinct differences between alpaca fiber and sheep’s wool.  Alpaca fiber stands out as a far superior option than sheep’s wool.  It is a more comfortable option, that will give you greater warmth on even the coldest days.  You may not have thought about buying a alpaca blanket in the past. You will clearly be able to see that a stunning alpaca blanket is going to be the best Buy.






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