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Where Can I Buy a Silk Pillowcase?

Where can I buy a silk pillowcase? Ever found yourself tossing and turning at night, dreaming of the perfect pillowcase that offers both luxury and function? The kind that feels smooth on your skin, doesn’t give you ‘bed head’, and might even have some beauty benefits? If so, silk pillowcases might just be your bedtime fairytale come true. But the burning question remains, “where can I buy a silk pillowcase?”

At Lujo Home, we’re often met with customers who’ve sadly fallen into the pit of buying low-grade silk pillowcases before they discover ours. We’ve been champions in silk bedding since 2017, offering a plethora of top-notch products.

where can i buy a silk pillowcase

Is It Worth Buying a Silk Pillowcase?

Absolutely! Aside from the evident luxurious feel, silk pillowcases offer numerous benefits. They’re kind to your skin and hair – reducing those pesky wrinkles and the dreaded bed hair. Given their smooth surface, they create less friction, which means your skincare products stay on your skin and not on your pillow. But not all silk is created equal. This leads us to the next pressing question.

Are the Cheaper Silk Pillowcases Real?

Regrettably, the market is rife with substandard silk. Some brands sell synthetic variants masquerading as genuine silk. Others offer ‘silk’ products that are only silk on one side. It’s this lack of transparency that makes customers wonder, “where can I buy a silk pillowcase that’s genuine?” A genuine high-quality silk product, like what we offer at Lujo Home, provides consistent quality throughout.

What Is a Good Brand for Silk Pillowcases?

The answer is closer than you think. At Lujo Home, we’re not just any brand; we’ve become synonymous with quality. Many of our customers have offered glowing reviews, mentioning how they initially opted for cheaper alternatives, only to be disappointed. A frequent sentiment? “Wish I had come here first.”

Sarah from Adelaide mentioned in her review: “Bought a cheaper one from a different brand and instantly regretted it. Nothing compares to my Lujo Home silk pillowcase.”

What Is the Best Thickness for a Silk Pillowcase?

Navigating the world of silk pillowcases might seem daunting with all the terms floating around – especially when it comes to the thickness or “momme” of silk. But don’t worry, we’re here to break it down for you, and by the end of this section, you’ll be a self-proclaimed expert!

Firstly, the term “momme” (pronounced like ‘mummy’) is a unit used to measure the weight and thus the thickness of silk. Think of it like thread count in cotton sheets, but with a fancier name. The higher the momme count, the denser the weave, making the silk pillowcase thicker, more luxurious, and durable. Where can I buy a silk pillowcase?

At Lujo Home, we offer silk pillowcases in three different thicknesses:

  • 19 Momme: This is often considered the starting point for high-quality silk in bedding. It’s got a lovely sheen, a soft feel, and offers great durability for the price point. This makes it a perfect entry-level choice for those just beginning their journey into the world of silk.
  • 22 Momme: Step it up a notch, and you get to 22 momme. This is a bit thicker and more durable than the 19 momme, offering a perfect balance between weight, aesthetics, and strength. It’s a crowd-pleaser and is often chosen by those looking for something a touch more luxurious without breaking the bank. In some ways with it’s extra silkiness, the 22 momme pillowcases tends to be our BEST SELLER!
  • 25 Momme: Welcome to the crème de la crème of silk pillowcases. If you’re looking for the most luxurious experience, 25 momme is where it’s at. With its dense weave, it provides unparalleled shine, softness, and longevity. This is for those who want to invest in the best and enjoy silk’s benefits to the fullest.

Now, while the thickness of your silk pillowcase is essential, it’s equally crucial to ensure you have the right size. Pillowcases that are too big can result in a saggy fit, while those too small might not cover your pillow completely.

Measuring Your Pillow for the Perfect Fit:

Before you add that lustrous silk pillowcase to your cart, grab a tape measure. For a standard pillow, measure its length and width. For instance, if it measures 48x66cm, you’ll want a standard-sized silk pillowcase, our queen pillowcase gives a bit more room measuring 48×72. If you have a king-sized pillow or a unique size, measure accordingly and then compare it with the sizes available at Lujo Home. Remember, a snug fit ensures your pillow remains encased in silky goodness, enhancing your sleep experience.

Where can I buy a silk pillowcase? In conclusion, whether you’re going for a 19, 22, or 25 momme silk pillowcase, the key is to choose one that aligns with your personal preferences and budget. At Lujo Home, our variety ensures that there’s something for everyone. Happy silky dreams!

New Competitors and Inferior Items

Our dedication to offering premium silk products hasn’t gone unnoticed, and with increasing demand, new players have entered the market. However, many of these newcomers offer inferior products at deceptively low prices, leading to many customers being burnt. But once they experience Lujo Home’s quality, there’s no looking back.

Where Can I Buy a Silk Pillowcase – Why Lujo Home?

We’ve always prioritized quality over shortcuts. And the feedback from our customers is testament to this commitment. Jessica from Melbourne noted, “The difference in quality is palpable. You truly get what you pay for.”

For those wondering, “where can I buy a silk pillowcase directly from a manufacturer?” – Lujo Home is the answer. While our products are available on Myer online (not in Myer stores just online), buying directly from our website means you’re shopping straight from the business, ensuring quality, authenticity, and the best prices.

In conclusion, if you’re asking “where can I buy a silk pillowcase that ensures quality?” – Lujo Home welcomes you. Dive into our exclusive range here. And remember, first-time customers can enjoy a 15% discount on their order when they sign up to our newsletter.

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