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What is the best silk pillowcase?

What is the best silk pillowcase? There are many things that add up when it comes to a quality silk pillowcase.  Silk pillowcases can be made of silk up to 30 momme silk pillowcase Australia. The type of silk used, the design, and workmanship are all important aspects.

At Lujo Home we only use grade 6A long strand silk in all our products and this includes our whole range of silk pillowcases. 

Is a Lujo Home pillowcase the best silk pillowcase?

We have designed our range of silk pillowcases to suit most needs.  Quality is most important.  Our pillowcase ranges are manufactured with silk from 19 momme to 25 momme.  We do not sell any silk higher lower than 19 momme as these finer silks are not suitable due to the wear from sleeping on them night after night.  Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not disclose this information and there is usually a reason for this.  They are probably using a lesser quality silk.

Do you sell 30 momme silk pillowcase Australia?

Why do we not sell a 30 momme silk pillowcase Australia? 25 momme is the highest weight we sell due to the thread weight.  Most people when purchasing a silk pillowcase do so for the ‘silky feel’. The higher the silk weight the thicker the silk thread and we find 30 momme to feel more ‘rough’ to the touch.  This is great for some things but we choose not to use it as 30 momme Mulberry silk does not really suit a silk pillowcase.

In a nutshell, if you want a more silky feel we recommend you go for our 19 momme or 22 momme silk pillowcase ranges.  If you would prefer a heavier weight fabric and don’t mind that it has a slightly less ‘silky feel’ then our 25 momme range would be perfect for you. This is why we do not manufacture a 30 momme silk pillowcase Australia.

At Lujo Home we always have quality first as one of our core values.  People should be aware of the quality and product they are purchasing without any hidden surprises. 

30 momme silk pillowcase Australia
At Lujo Home there is a good reason why we do not sell a 30 momme silk pillowcase Australia, the thicker silk weight leaves the silk feeling slightly rough. For this reason we only sell 19, 22 and 25 momme.

Which is best silk pillowcase in Australia?

Lujo Home of course! We specialise in the best Mulberry Silk bedding in Australia. We are a silk specialist. Quality and customer service is important to us so you can be assured you are purchasing the best silk bedding available in Australia.

It’s also important to know that we dispatch all our silk bedding from here in our Adelaide warehouse. Nothing is drop shipped from overseas like many of the other companies that are popping up these days to capitalize on the popularity of silk.

Lujo Home was established in 2017 by our founder Melissa, who to this day still does most of the design, customer service and packing of your orders (with her husband Jason who has joined the business full time in 2022. You can read Melissa’s full story, and her discovery of silk many years ago here on our about us page.

Is Mulberry silk real?

Mulberry silk is one of the Worlds most stunning fibres.  It absolutely is real, and it is well known as a hypoallergenic and natural fibre.  Often times, silk manufacturers will cost cut and provide a mix of silk and polyester synthetic fibres or fabrics.  You may have seen this when purchasing a pillowcase to find one side is polyester.  Or a silk filled quilt with a mix of mulberry silk and inferior tussah silk or offcuts. When you are shopping for silk and silk-filled bedding, make sure you do your research and purchase from a reputable business.  This insures you are getting the highest quality product.

Which is better a silk or satin pillowcase?

Silk and satin pillowcases can be similar. For instance the word satin is used to describe the type of fabric that has one shiny side (and shiny to feel, which is why the help your hair and skin) and one dull side.  The differences are in the quality ‘satin’. And what the satin fabric is made of. 

Satin fabric can be made of Mulberry silk, or any other silk – and it can also be made of synthetic polyester.

At Lujo Home we only sell the finest real Mulberry silk pillowcases.  There are a few advantages for polyester satin.  But in most cases people prefer real silk.  A synthetic satin is ‘usually’ more easy care.  Having said that, most of our customers also find silk to be easy care too but there may be more issues with staining.  With real Mulberry silk you are unable to use harsh bleaches and oxygen enzymes or hot water for washing.  You should always check the wash instructions when purchasing something made of fabric to see if this suits your lifestyle. 

The bonus with pure Mulberry silk is it is a cooling and natural fibre.  Unlike synthetic silks which can be hot and sticky.  Many customers report they have been stung with other silk pillowcase purchases which were actually polyester ‘silk’. Quite often they promote skin breakouts and more due to the synthetic fabric. Don’t get the two confused as they are very different.

At Lujo Home we will never cheapen our product with any synthetic polyesters, you can be assured we only use the finest Mulberry silk in all our products.

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