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The zero waste lifestyle – where to start?

The Zero-waste lifestyle – where to start?

As South Australia leads the way to a zero-waste lifestyle, we can too by making some easy eco-living choices. Like choosing lightweight and easy to carry reusable bamboo cutlery, stainless steel straws and other eco-shopping products.  Bamboo cutlery is fast becoming a great alternative to plastic waste.

Be a zero-waste family

You don’t have to completely change your life or go without to follow Zero Waste South Australia, zero waste inspiration.  Every step you take, however small, makes a difference.

Simple ways to reduce plastic at home?

Every small step or decision can have a big impact. In fact, most positive changes in the world started as very small steps a few people took!

Be an eco-warrior family

Reduce the plastic coming in and you reduce the plastic going out. Every time you say ‘no thank you’ to a plastic straw, spoon, fork or a disposable coffee cup you are helping save the planet! Think reusable straws, reusable forks, reusable cutlery as often as you can and you are making a big difference.

Reusable cutlery

How many times do you eat out, buy takeaway or have a family BBQ by the beach, and everyone is using a plastic knife and fork? These plastic utensils all end up in landfill or Australian oceans. In fact, almost 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean alone every year.

Zero Waste South Australia

Lujo Home is a business making a difference, supplying zero waste products in South Australia through both their pop-up stores with eco-shopping in Adelaide and also throughout Australia with their beautiful online Australian eco-store, Lujo Home. Making it easy for you to make a difference. And with style!

Eco products with beautiful style

Long gone are the days when eco-products for kids and the family were limited in design and range. At Lujo home we have done all the hard work for you and found the most beautiful eco products that you will just adore.

Have a look!

Whether you are looking for a great eco-gift idea or making some changes for yourself or your family. We have fantastic products that you are going to love.

Join the no single use plastic-free movement

As South Australia becomes single use plastic free start your journey to greener living by either visiting a Lujo Home Pop-Up Store, eco shopping in Adelaide or head to our website for a beautiful, and easy online shopping experience.

Reusable bamboo cutlery Australia

It’s amazing to think that simply investing in some bamboo cutlery can make a huge dent in reducing plastic rubbish. If each family did it, the ripple effect of that alone is massive! Bamboo cutlery is also clean, strong and beautiful.

Travel Bamboo Cutlery

Just like we now carry our own green bags and often even reusable coffee cups we should all start to carry our own reusable bamboo cutlery, reusable straws and reusable produce bags. It is a simple and beautiful way to help the planet.

BYO forks and spoons for a greener future

Have a set for each child, have a set for work, have a family set for the car or a set to take with you on adventures. Lujo Home even has an travel size reusable cutlery set complete with fork, knife, spoon, straw, stainless steel cleaner for your straw and chopsticks with its own beautiful carry bag.


The choices we all make today decide the future for tomorrow.


With reusable bamboo cutlery and other eco products in your bag you will proudly never add another deadly plastic fork to the ocean again.

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