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Are you looking to buy a silk pillowcase in Adelaide?

Silk Pillowcases, Silk Pillowcase Adelaide.  Yes! It’s a thing, would you believe a simple silk pillowcase can make quite a difference to your hair and skin over time.  They are getting super popular so you have probably already heard how amazing silk pillowcases are for your hair.? A re you sick of waking up in the morning with dreaded bed hair?  It’s the one thing our customers report back straight away.  The reviews from our customers are truly amazing, you should read them here!.. So where to buy [the best] silk pillowcases in Adelaide.

However you found us, you may have been searching on Google, you may have heard us from Fresh 92.7fm, or maybe you have shopped with us before, either way, we are glad you found us.  Do you prefer to shop local, and support local?  We do not have a fancy showroom, but we are a South Australian owned run online small business. and you can shop with us online and get delivery to your home. 

Lujo Home care about stocking the best quality for you. We specialize in the highest grades Mulberry Silk.   

Being an online retailed means we can specialize in pure Mulberry silk of the highest quality.  It also means we can stock a much larger range of silk, colours and options.  We have superior quality products for a better price. Customer service and personalized service is number one to us.  We do our best to help our customers find the most suitable bedding, silk and homewares.

To help answer any questions you may have, Melissa the founder of Lujo Home is available via email or phone. Please read through our product pages for more detailed information on our Silk Pillowcases, Eye Masks and Quilts and if needed you can contact Melissa here via our contact form, or you can find our phone number at the top of this website.

Silk Pillowcase Adelaide


Why buy a silk pillowcase Adelaide?

There are many reasons to buy a silk pillowcase, here are just a few:

  • Hair – Silk is a natural fibre, it reduces the strain on your hair while you sleep.  This means less split ends, damage, and hair that is easily brushed in the morning.
  • Skin – So many of our customers report waking up with less sleep lines on their face.  The silky texture and softness of our silk pillowcase can make a difference to skin ageing over time.
  • Hypoallergenic – Its a small investment to replace the synthetic options.  You only have to do a little research on synthetic fabrics to realize how much better silk is.
  • Silk pillowcases make stunning luxury gifts.  Especially the person who has everything.
  • Decor – a quick way to add a splash of luxury and colour to your bedroom decor.
  • Shop local – Do you love to shop and support local?  You can be assured with Lujo Home we only sell quality products with no corner cutting.  It makes a big difference to our family if you shop with us.  Thank you for supporting local small business.
  • Want more proof?  You need to check out his article here


Why Lujo Home Mulberry silk?

We’re a South Australian owned, family business.  Our premium Mulberry silk is Grade 6A long strand silk.  This is the highest grade on the market today. We also stock 19, 22 and 25 momme Mulberry silk (nothing lower)  This is unlike cheaper brands on the market (they usually don’t disclose this information for a reason).  All our silk pillowcases and other products are high quality, beautiful, and designed to last.

We have many payment options available in our online store.  Such as Visa, Mastercard, Afterpay, Zip, Humm or Klarna.  Make the most of our capped shipping special of only $6 or if you spend over $120 we ship to you for free.

Silk Pillowcase


What pure Mulberry Silk options do we stock at Lujo Home in Adelaide?

A quick and convenient way to shop and see the quality of our Mulberry silk in Adelaide.  Shop at our silk online store by clicking here, and get delivery straight to your door:


Silk pillowcases at Westfield Marion, Oaklands park and Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Want to buy a silk pillowcase Adelaide?  Lujo Home is a South Australian online store.  (With our capped shipping specials why not shop from home?) We sell a much larger, more specialist silk range online.

Do you remember us from our Adelaide Westfield Marion and Westfield Tea Tree Plaza pop up shops?  You can find the same amazing range from our pop up shops [plus much, much more] in our Adelaide online store.  Over the years our range has completely outgrown our pop up shops and we can stock so much more online.  See our website or join our VIP Facebook group for current locations, and keep in mind these can change.

You can also find our range on Myer online [online only not in stores]

OUR ONLINE STORE IS OPEN 24/7, with our biggest range! Much more than we can stock in our op up shops 🙂  And we pack most orders within 24 business hours.


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