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Silk Pillowcase for Curly Hair

What is the best pillowcase for curly hair?

As simple as a silk pillowcase for curly hair.  YES a simple silk pillowcase can solve half your hair issues, imagine that?  Sick of spending money on expensive hair products and still not happy with your hair?  Are you a girl with beautiful curly hair? We have your answer.  What is the best pillowcase for curly hair, and why do you need one?  What is the best fabric for pillowcases?

Ever woken up in the morning with a crazy mess of hair?  This can be especially true for those of us who have curly hair.  Are you sick of damaged hair? Split ends, and hair breakage?  We get it, we have been there too. Keep reading as we have the answer.

You may have heard about one of the biggest beauty and hair trends in Australia right now.  Mulberry silk pillowcases are amazing for your hair and every girl should have one.  It’s easy to see why. Your hair is rubbing against your pillowcase while you sleep. Silk is extra smooth and soft and reduces this friction.  No wonder Silk pillowcases are so popular in Australia.

There is an excitement in the air, a lot of talk about silk pillowcases and why we all need one.  Make sure you are buying pure long strand mulberry silk.  Mulberry silk fabric makes the best silk pillowcase for curly hair (or any hair, curly or straight).  Silk is a more modern, natural option – compared to the old (synthetic) satin pillowcases of the past.

A good quality silk pillowcase can help keep the shape, and style of your hair. This is especially true with curly hair.

Not all silk is good quality

At Lujo Home our 19 and 22 momme pure Mulberry silk feels far softer and silkier than the cheaper ones on the market.  Be careful, anything less than 19 momme.  Silk below 19 momme is not as suitable and well lasting for bedding.

A lot of manufacturers will use a lesser quality silk and not display this in their advertisement. This is true especially in the case of a silk pillowcase, you sleep on all night.  If the manufacturer doesn’t display the type and momme of the silk, there is usually a reason why.

silk pillowcase for curly hair

The best fabric for pillowcases is Silk

The best pillow slip for curly hair, has to be mulberry silk.  Pure mulberry silk is a must for good hair and skin. The surface texture of your pillowcase has a huge impact on your hair while you sleep. Every time you toss and turn, your hair rubs on your pillow. Most people don’t realize the damage this can do to their hair. This is why the super soft texture of pure mulberry silk makes such a difference. This is why we get so many amazing reviews about the quality of our mulberry silk pillow slips.

Why is a silk pillowcase the best pillowcase for curly hair?

What makes our silk pillowcases the best pillowcase for curly hair?  The silkiness and smooth texture of the mulberry silk pillowcase cuts down on friction, this in turn, helps with hair breakage and splitting. Imagine that – waking up in the morning with less of the dreaded ‘birds nest look’ not to mention a more comfortable sleep altogether!

Your silky soft hair in the morning is one benefit but imagine the difference a silk pillowcase could make to the skin on your face.  Your skin will glide on the surface of your silk pillowcase.  Customers often report less fine lines pressed into their skin in the morning.

silk pillowcase for curly hair review


Silk Pillowcases for everyone, especially if you have curly hair

At Lujo home we have over fourteen different colours of pillowcases in our Mulberry Silk online store.  We want to make sure you get the best pillowcase for your curly hair.  You will find both mulberry silk pillowcases as well as mulberry silk sleep eye masks.  Depending on your budget,  or if you are needing a gift box for a gift (our pillowcases and eye masks make great gifts) we have a different options in both 19, 22 and 25 momme, grade A long strand Mulberry Silk.

How to care for your new silk pillowcase?

Check out our FAQ for more information and silk care instructions.

What do our customers in Australia think of their Lujo Home silk pillowcases?

Duyen H.  LUXURY. Bought these for 2 of my friends and they absolutely love it, so luxurious and the best bed hair they’ve ever had.

Harmony H.  Amazing Service. I recently bought silk pillow cases for my family. The service was fantastic and they were posted very promptly. The pillow cases are beautiful and lovely to sleep on.

Courtney M. Absolutely Beautiful!! I am so so happy with my order, it’s gorgeous! Feels divine and my hair is a lot tamer with using it! Will definitely recommend to friends and family

Rhiannon R.  Silk Pillowcase & Eye mask! Pure luxury!! Absolutely thrilled with my Silk Pillowcase & Eye mask! Pure luxury!! They are so comfortable. Customer Service was second to none and I cannot fault a thing. Will absolutely buy again from this amazing seller!!

Angela H. Fantastic product! Even better personalized customer service. Thank you so much for the quick response to my inquiries and for delivering a great product. I will be ordering another two of these pillow cases for my daughters.

These are real customer reviews, you can check them out, and more on our Australian Silk Pillowcase reviews tab.

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