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Which silk pillowcase is best?

Which silk pillowcase is best?

A question we get asked often is “which silk pillowcase is best?” Which silk pillowcase should I buy.  There a few things you should consider when deciding which silk pillowcase is best for you.

We all have different reasons to buy a new silk pillowcase, most often, it is to improve the health and appearance of your hair and skin.  Can you imagine the stress and strain on your hair and skin, while tossing and turning in bed all night?  Although a new silk pillowcase will not stop you turning while asleep, compared to a regular pillowcase, it is a much silkier surface for your hair and skin.  Less friction on your hair and skin during your sleep, will make a big difference to it’s overall appearance and health.  So which silk pillowcase is best? We think Mulberry silk is best, and as far as skin and hair go, either the 19 0r 22 momme silk ones are both great for this purpose.

As far as the difference between satin and silk, all of our pillowcases have a satin finish, the difference is they are made from real natural mulberry silk rather than synthetics.


What’s the difference between 19 momme silk and 22 momme.

A momme is the measurement of the weight of silk fabric.  At Lujo Home we sell two ranges of silk.  You will find our premium 22 momme range and our 19 momme range which is available in more colours.

Most fabrics are known for their thread count, however with silk the fibres are so thin, this would not be a good indication of quality.  According to Wikipedia  a ‘Momme’ (mm), is the measurement traditionally used to measure silk fabrics, the weight in pounds of a piece of fabric if it were sized 45 inches by 100 yards(1.2 m by 90 m). One momme = 4.340 g/m²; 8 mommes is approximately 1 ounce per square yard or 35 g/m²

The momme weight is used to determine the quality of silk.  If the silk pillowcase you are looking at does not provide the momme weight I would say this is a good indication that the silk is not of the best quality.  Although you can get silk from 6 momme in weight, at Lujo Home all of the pure mulberry silk we use in our pillowcases, eye masks and scrunches is over 19 momme in weight.  19 momme silk is a great option for affordability as well as a large range of colours, it’s also durable enough to use in bedding.   Anything less then this would reduce the quality.

Long strand mulberry silk.  All our Lujo Home silk pillowcases, scrunchies eye masks and the premium range of silk filled quilts are all made of 100% grade A long strand Mulberry silk.


The main reason people buy a silk pillowcase  – so which silk pillowcase is best?

Silk pillowcases don’t just look pretty, they are well known for their benefits for your hair. Which silk pillowcase is best for your hair?  Although synthetic satin is also popular for pillowcases and bedding, at Lujo Home we only stock real silk for our silk pillowcases, silk eye masks and Silk scrunchies.  Silk pillowcases are becoming very well known for people with curly hair, and for good reason, the feedback we get from our customers is amazing.  Sometimes a small change in your routine can make a difference over time.

Do you really want a pillowcase that only has silk on one side?  We do not think so.  We have designed our pure silk pillowcases to have mulberry silk both side.  This means no cheap cotton one side.  Silk has a smooth, soft texture that is not slippery, unlike many synthetic fibers. This is fantastic when it comes to sleeping and not having to worry about your pillow slipping off the bed during the night.


What colours do you love?

Sounds pretty simple really, and it should be.  We all love choice, and that is why we stock so many colours in our range! Which silk pillowcase is best?  So which pillowcase is best for you? Are you looking for something that will blend in with the decor you already have?  Or perhaps something a bit contrasting and fun? 

Are you buying a pillowcase for a gift?  If so, then we would recommend something neutral, unless you have a good idea of this person’s favourite colour is.  Our range of charcoals, black and ivory whites are the most neutral colours we stock, and some of our most popular.


Which silk pillowcase is best?  Something to match the decor your bedroom?

Mix it up, or not?

Would you prefer your new Silk pillowcases to match? Or maybe mix it up and change them around.  Try a complimenting colour but something with a bit of contrast, for instance a pink and a grey.  This has been a popular combination as these silk colours go well together.  You could try the coffee and ivory.  With such a huge range of colours available we think we have something everyone will love.


Which silk pillowcase is best for size?

When choosing your new silk pillowcase it is probably best to measure the pillowcase you are using now, for comparison.  At Lujo Home we stock 2 sizes of silk pillowcases.  Our pillowcases are manufactured for a snug fit.  The silk will shrink a little when you wash it, so please allow for this. (we allow an extra 1cm in our manufacturing process for this shrinkage).  Make sure you always wash in a suitable detergent, and always in cold water to reduce shrinkage.  Never pop your new silk pillowcase in the dryer.

At this stage our standard pillowcase size (50 x 66 cm) is available in both our 19 momme pillowcases as well as our premium 22 and 25 momme range.  Our queen size is a longer option (50 x 76 cm) and available in our premium 22 and 25 momme range.

When you get your new silk pillowcase there are a few things to consider.  Please make sure you try it on for size before washing or using.  At Lujo Home we are always happy to exchange or return withing certain guidelines.  Please see our shipping and returns page here.


Now you have chosen your perfect silk pillowcase, what are they payment options?

We love options.  We have something to suit everyone.  If interest free take home layby is your thing, then we have afterpay, zippay, oxipay and laybuy.  You will find these options as well as paypal and credit card at the checkout.

Happy shopping, if we can be of assistance with anything else please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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