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Care Instructions for Silk Pillowcases and Silk Eye Masks

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask.  If you follow these care instructions for your new silk pillowcase, your purchase will stay looking lovely for much longer.

Mulberry silk is delicate in nature, but if you can take a little extra care with your new pillowcase and mask you will get a longer life out of it – and the longer it will keep its silky texture and sheen.

Silk is always best to cold hand wash if possible.  Second to hand washing is to use a delicates bag in your washing machine on a cool/warm delicate cycle with similar colours.  Always wash in lukewarm water under 25 degrees celsius 15 to 25 c is optimal silk.  Please be mindful of winter water on a cold wash as this can depend on your local weather.  Some areas winters are colder so washing in machine cycle with cold water can be colder again and silk does not like extreme temp either hot or cold.

Make sure you choose a ph neutral, gentle wash detergent.  One that states on the container that is is suitable for silk.  Never use bleach or enzyme products or any products containing bleach, many detergents now contain these and they can strip the beautiful silk sheen quicker.  Always make sure you rinse the detergent from your silk properly.  Detergent overuse or buildup can cause dulling of your silks shine.

Never use a tumble dryer for your silk.  Dry it flat in the shade, and if you need to iron make sure your iron is very carefully on the lowest setting.  Always iron your silk pillowcase on the inside.

Care instructions for silk quilts

Care instructions will vary depending on which Lujo Home silk quilt you purchase.  Our summer/mid quilts are able to be machine washed.  Washing should be on the most gently setting.  Using a silk approved detergent, in luke warm / cold water under 30 degrees celcius.

Our mid to winter quilts are recommended to be a dry clean only due to the extra silk filling.


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