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Silk Bedding

Silk bedding Australia.  Silk sheets Australia.  Most people have heard about the benefits of mulberry silk pillowcases, silk eye masks and other silk bedding.

Lujo Home, established in 2017, is a South Australian owned brand specialising in a huge range of the finest quality Mulberry silk bedding.

Mulberry silk bedding Australia

Mulberry silk is unmatched in many ways, especially as a fabric for bedding.   We specialise in silk bedding such as pillowcases and quilts / duvets. There are a variety of benefits that mulberry silk offers compared to other fabrics. Silk’s advantages have earnt it a reputation for softness, lustrous beauty and elegance.

Do you stock silk sheets and silk quilt covers?

At Lujo Home we specialize in all things pure Mulberry silk.  Being a online specialist store means we can diversify our silk range and bring you the best quality options to mix and match to your lifestyle.  Our silk sheets and quilt covers are all available in a quality separates range.  This gives you the option to mix and match colours and sizes that suit your needs.  You will see many cheaper options online and in stores but we wont sacrifice our quality and cut corners.

Silk Sheets:

Our silk sheets are available in either a fitted sheet option for people who do not sleep with a top sheet.  Or as a set which includes the fitted sheet and the top flat sheet too.  None of our sheet sets include the pillowcases this way you can mix and match different colour and size combinations.   We have both queen and king size silk sheets.

Silk Quilt Covers:

Our silk quilt cover range from queen size to super king.  Quilt covers are available as separates, and you can purchase the pillow cases to match, or go for a contrasting colour to mix things up.  The Lujo Home quilt covers fit our range of silk quilts perfectly.

Do you stock bamboo sheet sets?

Looking for a eco option for super soft sheets, with a lower price tag?  Sounds like you would love our bamboo sheet sets.  Bamboo fabric is super soft, warm, and moisture wicking.  They are well known for their comfort and hypoallergenic properties.  Sizes range from single to super king.  We have a option for most bedding sizes.  Unlike our silk range our bamboo sheets are available in a set.

Our single bed size contains a pillowcase, a fitted sheet and a top sheet.

While our queen size to super king sets contain 2 pillowcases, a bottom fitted sheet as well as a flat top sheet.

Our first range sold out in record time, you can now find three limited edition colours, mid grey, light pink and white.

Silk pillowcases and your hairSilk pillowcase Adelaide

Hair care specialists recommend the use of silk pillowcases, as sleeping on silk can help prevent thinning of your hair. Although Cotton can feel soft to your skin, its weave can actually grip and tug at your hair, causing damage and breakage. Not only can you wake up more refreshed in the morning but your silk pillowcase can lessen the issue with knotted hair and split ends. Silk can also lessen the dehydration of your hair, giving it a shiner appearance and decreasing the chance of waking with greasy Hair.

We have three grades of silk pillowcases with multiple colours and three sizes. Standard as well as Queen size and King in our 22 and 25 momme premium range.  See here to find the Pillowcases or here for the matching eye masks.  Our premium 22 and 25 momme pillowcases come with a beautiful Gift box check each listing for details.

Silk bedding – Durable

Our silk bedding is made of the finest mulberry silk. Mulberry silk fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, and our products are made from especially high quality silk. This means our fabric can be very strong, and durable compared to some on the market.

Mommes (mm) is a unit used to measure the quality of silk. 1 momme = 4.340 grams per square metre.

At Lujo home most of our silk range falls between 19, 22 and 25 momme. Our pillow cases are generally made from 22 momme silk. Although often cheaper, anything lower than 19 momme is not suitable for bedding, so please beware when purchasing that this has been disclosed by other sellers.  All our product listings will provide you with this information.

Keep in mind although pure Mulberry silk is quite durable it is still a delicate fabric.  Pure silk can rip if caught on something.  Silk can only we washed in cold water, very gently, with silk approved detergent and is not as easy to get stains out of compared to regular bedding.  Find our washing instructions here and our complete silk FAQ will answer more of your questions.

You can find our complete range of Mulberry Silk bedding here

Mulberry silk bedding – heat regulating, breathable and moisture wicking benefits

Mulberry silk is a natural heat regulator, it helps to maintain the air around you while you sleep.  Our silk duvets come in three weights ranging from a ultra thin summer silk duvet, a summer to mid duvet and a mid to winter. Being at a comfortable temperature allows for a deeper sleep. Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity, so it helps to maintain the correct body temperature for you.  Although heat is retained during cold temperatures, it does not get trapped under a silk duvet or quilt, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  This can be a great advantage to anyone with menopause, hormone issues or night sweats.

Helping to alleviate sweating can also mean less aging of your skin, given Silk is naturally soft and extremely smooth, this reduces friction between your skin and the bed linen. Less stress on your skin and hair is another benefit.

Silk sheets Australia are also popular for this reason.  Sleeping on silk, your skin stays more hydrated, as it is less likely to absorb the natural moisture from your face and hair, unlike other fiber’s like cotton. Better hydration means clearer and healthier skin.

Mulberry silk bedding – Hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally Hypoallergenic, and especially good for pillowcases and makes the perfect filling for quilts and duvets.  For asthma and allergy sufferers, there are many triggers such as chemicals and common indoor allergens which can aggravate both diseases.

Silk is very hygienic and is resistant to dust and other common causes of allergen issues. Silk contains a natural compound called Sericin. This helps to repel bugs such as dust mites, bacteria and mould. This is good news for anyone as these may lead to challenges for people who face allergies, asthma, skin rashes and other health issues.

Mulberry silk bedding – Soft and Lightweight

Keep warm with a fraction of the weight of other fillings with our Silk Duvets. Our mulberry silk Duvets, filled with silk floss weight less than a feather/down filled duvet of the same heat-insulating capabilities.   This is due to the insulating properties of silk and the thermal preserving structure of the floss sheets we use.  A perfect match to our Silk Sheets Australia.

A lighter weight duvet can assist a better sleep for some people with health issues. The lighter duvet can be a relief for people with a variety of issues such as blood circulation and arthritis.  See our beautiful silk filled quilts Here

How to wash silk

The care basics with your new silk bedding are quite simple.  Treat your silk like a delicate natural fibre.  Preferably hand wash, but if you must wash in the machine always use the gentlest wash in a delicates bag, and always in cold water.  Detergents can be tricky as many include a enzyme strain reducing product or bleach.  These will wear away at your natural silks shine.  Grab yourself a detergent that says silk approved on the label, and use it sparingly.  Yes silk will stain, just like any fabric.  The difference with silk is it has limited washing option.  This makes it harder to get a stain out.  Sweat or spills of any type can stain your new silk bedding.  Even with its gentle nature, many people still choose silk as the health, skin and hair benefits greatly outweigh any limitations.

Just a tip, if you do find your pillowcase become stained and careful washing doesn’t quite fix it, you can always pop your pillow away in the cupboard during the day and grab it out again at night.  A word of warning – once you have a silk pillowcase and any silk bedding, you will never want to sleep again without it – ha!

Silk quilts are best to refresh by hanging on the clothesline in the sun rather than washing.  Spot washing by hand is a good way to clean if you have any spills or accidents, following the guidelines above.

At Lujo Home we have many payment options, paypal, credit card as well as interest free take home layby such as afterpay, zippay, humm and laybuy.


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