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Silk Bedding Sheets – the Benefits and Advantages

Silk bedding Sheets.  Silk sheet benefits, there are many. The Benefits and Advantages of Silk Bedding in Australia.  Silk bedding is often one of those things that you think about when you think of luxury.  Really, that’s the first thing I think about.  But that’s not the only benefit of Mulberry Silk, there are many, many more.  There are many options in Australia to shop for bedding, such as bamboo and cotton. But you really should consider silk bedding for it’s surprising benefits.

Mulberry Silk is a Healthier Bedding option

Mulberry silk can really be a much healthier option for you, and your family.  Unlike some ‘silk’ like fabric, our Pure Mulberry Silk Is not synthetic. Mulberry Silk is all natural and works in unison with the body to help you achieve amazing sleep.  Silk can help you regulate your temperature, in-turn keep you cooler.  

All natural materials such as silk provide a comfort and breath-ability that most fabrics do not.  Often people confuse Silk with Satin which is a Synthetic option and not the same.  They may feel similar to touch, but they are not. Mulberry silk, sheets, pillowcases and quilts / duvets can wick away sweat and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.  I mean, how many of you wake up in hot sweats and throw off the covers only to be cold a few minutes later?  Silk can be the answer to that. Cheap synthetic satin is made from petrochemicals (not natural at all) and it often leaves you feeling feeling overheated. Real Mulberry silk will not.

Silk bedding sheets – a great option for people with sensitivities, it can diminish allergies

Isn’t that a plus? For those who suffer from asthma and allergies, silk can be an amazing option.  Silk sheet benefits, Silk and bamboo are both a more hypoallergenic option.  Other materials such as cotton and down have a tendency to build up dust mites, silk does not.  Mulberry silk also resists mold and mildew and is hypoallergenic.  Anyone with skin conditions or allergies be aware, this can help to soothe them and keep flare-ups at bay (at least during the sleeping time).

Mulberry Silk, a great option for beauty rest

While sleeping is sometimes called getting your beauty rest, silk is one of those things that can truly help you retain longevity while sleeping.  Silk bedding Australia.  Silk pillowcases are fast becoming well know as the simple answer for better hair. A pillowcase in silk, can help prevent your hair from getting dried out and frizzy. Imagine being able to keep your hair nice and smooth, so you wake up to tangle free locks.  For your skin, a silk pillowcase, and sheet set can help reduce wrinkles and prevent that annoying “I just woke a few minutes ago” look.  Mulberry silk pillowcases help to keep the skin moisturized and radiant because the silk does not soak up moisture from your skin.

Silk Sheet Benefits.  Uninterrupted Sleep – So important for your health

A restful, uninterrupted sleep, is very important for your health.  Do you toss and turn in your sleep? Then get woken up by getting stuck in the sheets? There are many silk sheet benefits. Super soft pure Mulberry silk can help to prevent the pulling and tugging on your skin, if you toss and turn at night. We have even had reports from customers that they don’t toss and turn as much as they used to, since purchasing our Mulberry silk sheets.  Imagine a deeper sleep. With silk, you can turn over in bed more easily. Move around, and still maintain your rest because you aren’t getting woken up by having to fix your sheets.

Silk Sheet Benefits

Silk bedding Australia.  Mulberry Silk sheets, and silk bedding are amazingly smooth compared to more well known options like cotton.  When choosing silk bedding you want a quality that will last. 22 momme long strand silk is known for its longevity and quality when it comes to Silk bedding.  They are an amazing option for long lasting sheet sets and quilts/duvets, and especially pillowcases.  Many companies do not disclose the momme rating and quality of the silk used in their bedding (as they are often using inferior silks or grades of silk. At Lujo Home we only stock Grade 6A long strand silk. In grades 19, 22 and 25. Our silk sheets are generally stocked in 22 momme as this is most durable for sheet sets.

We only stock quality products. Our customers report our silk sheets are longer lasting than other brands they have purchased. They may not last forever, but taken care of, they should last you for a significantly longer time than other silk sheets (of lesser grade). 22 momme silk fabric is more durable than the thinner grades of silk.  


Ingrid N. Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating

Love, love, LOVE! I’m never going back to sleeping on anything other than silk sheets! I absolutely love sleeping on my Lujo Home king sized silk fitted sheet in ivory.

The sizing is good with generous sides that are easy to fit around my king sized mattress.

The sheet is soft, smooth and luxurious to sleep on plus it looks so stylish too. I find I’m sleeping longer, not getting uncomfortably hot at night like I used to and I’m feeling a lot more refreshed in the mornings. I totally love my Lujo silk sheet.

How do I care for my new Silk Bedding Sheets

Please keep in mind Pure Mulberry Silk is still a delicate fabric so please treat it accordingly. This means a delicate cycle in the wash.  Silk is not able to be washed with warm or hot water, or bleaches so be careful not to stain your new sheets. Stains are not as easily removed. Another bonus of silk is (treated accordingly) that it should not shrink.  Have you ever had sheets that after a few washes they don’t seem to fit your mattress?  It’s because they are shrinking and that in turn makes their lifespan a lot less.  Silk will not do that, and it will also retain its softness through their lifetime.  In essence if you want to get the best sleep, coolest sleep, most beautiful rest possible, get a silk eye mask, a silk duvet / quilt and pillowcase.

Check out our bedding range at the Lujo Home Shop, you will wish you tried silk sooner.  Want to buy now and have time to pay? With interest free payment terms like afterPay, zipPay and Paypal, this is possible. We have all these options available.

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