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OUR STOCKED SILK SHEETS AND QUILT COVERS ARE ON CLEARANCE SO DO NOT MISS OUT (SALE PRICES AS MARKED) – All sizes still available but only on pre-order from now on.

Silk Bedding Pre-Orders at Lujo Home (Back-Orders)

 Pre-orders are only available with approval first due to the extra time they are taking for items to be made.  We are still happy to do them for you but want to be sure you understand the wait time can be between 6-14 weeks at the moment.  Please email Melissa at customerservice@lujohome.com.au with the subject line pre-order about the items you would like to pre-order (after reading the terms below)

At Lujo Home, we’re all about bringing you the very best in silk bedding and other luxury items. Sometimes, this means giving you the opportunity to secure an item even before it’s in stock or specially manufactured for you. We call this a “pre-order,” (A product will show as “Available on backorder” just above the “ADD TO CART” button on a product if it is on pre-order, this is what the system calls a pre-order) and here’s how it works:

What is a Pre-Order (Back-Order)?

A pre-order is more than just placing an order for an item we don’t have on-hand yet. It’s about customizing your experience. With a pre-order, you’re not only reserving a product in advance but also having it manufactured especially for you. This means more choices in colours, options, sizes, and more, tailored to your preferences.

Why Pre-Order?

      1. Exclusive Access: Some of our most sought-after products might sell out quickly once they’re in stock. Pre-ordering ensures you don’t miss out.

      1. Personal Touch: Get the colour, size, and style you’ve always wanted, customized to your needs.

      1. Peace of Mind: No need to keep checking back for stock updates. We’ve got you covered, and we’ll send it out as soon as it arrives.

    Terms & Conditions for Pre-Orders

        • Payment: When you pre-order, you’ll be charged for the item just like a regular purchase. While PayPal is available at checkout, we prefer you not to use it for pre-orders. Why? Because PayPal can unfortunately delay us in processing your item, which in turn can slow down your order. We want to ensure a smooth process for you. We gladly accept other payment options, including ‘buy now, pay later’ options, credit cards, and bank transfers.

        • Shipping: Once the item is in stock or manufactured, we’ll ship it out to you right away. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, and we promise it’ll be worth the wait.

        • Combining Orders: If your pre-order includes in-stock items, everything will be held and shipped together when the pre-ordered item arrives. If you wish for items to be shipped separately, please make two distinct orders: one for pre-order items and another for items you’d like sent immediately.

      A Note from Our Founder, Melissa Van Kasteren

      “Over the years, I’ve been dedicated to ensuring Lujo Home offers quality and comfort. Our pre-order system is another step towards ensuring everyone gets a chance at experiencing our best products. Remember, from our silk quilts designed for hot sleepers, to our extensive range, every piece has a story and a commitment to quality. Thank you for trusting us with your comfort. I am pleased the silk bedding pre-orders mean you can mix and match your perfect bedding set.”

      What Can I Pre-Order?

      Now that you’re familiar with our pre-order process, treat yourself or a loved one to the luxurious touch of our silk products. Most silk bedding can be pre-ordered. Begin with the soft embrace of our silk pillowcases, known for their beauty and health benefits.

      For those seeking ultimate warmth without the weight, our silk quilt is a dream come true. If a delicate touch of elegance is what you desire, drape our silk blanket over any space. Upgrade your bedding with our chic silk quilt covers, which elegantly encase your quilts.

      For a silky-smooth bed base, our silk fitted sheets are an exquisite choice. And if you’re all in for a complete transformation, dive into the unparalleled luxury of our silk sheet sets. There’s no better way to indulge in the world of silk luxury than with Lujo Home.

      Silk Bedding Pre-Orders – Questions?

      We get it. Pre-orders might be a tad confusing. If you’ve got any questions or need clarity on anything, reach out! Our team is here to help. Feel free to email us at customerservice@lujohome.com.au with any queries.

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