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Silk Australia. Silk is such a beautiful, luxurious fabric. At Lujo Home, we absolutely love it and so do our customers.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers about our products — what to expect plus some tips to help you take the very best care of your Lujo Home silk products so they’ll keep looking fabulous and you can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.  In case you have a question about Lujo Home silk products that is not answered here, please do get in touch with us — we’d be happy to help you.


What is the best quality silk?

We only sell Long Strand Grade 6a Mulberry Silk Australia which is the best quality silk you can buy. All of our silk products are this quality however the silk weight does differ.

What does momme mean?

Momme (pronounced mom-ee) is the unit of weight measurement for real silk. The bigger the number, the thicker and heavier the silk.

Which momme silks do you sell?

At Lujo Home, we stock 19 momme plus 22 momme and 25 momme luxury silks.

What’s the difference between 22 and 25 momme silk?

The main difference between 22 and 25 momme is the weight. The 25 momme is slightly thicker, heavier silk. One benefit of this is that it could possibly last longer — although not always, this also depends on product care. The heavier 25 momme silk will sit differently on a pillow than the 22 momme silk, which is slightly thinner, less stiff and more silky.

Which momme silk should I buy?

This decision is always about personal preference. Some people prefer the 22 momme due to the extra silky sheen, others prefer the feel of a thicker silk like the 25 momme.  At Lujo Home, our range starts at 19 momme which is an entry level but still amazing quality. 19 momme is a thinner silk, has a lower price point which better suits some of our customers, and it also offers a different colour range.

Silk Australia Pillowcase

Why does your pillowcase have such a small zip?

Our pillowcase zip has deliberately been designed not to go the full width of the pillow so that it’s well hidden once it’s done up. Yes, we do admit, making the zip larger would make it a bit easier to get the pillow in, but the zip would stick out at the ends and your pillow just wouldn’t look as beautiful.

Why don’t you sell cheap twin packs?

Every now and then a customer will ask if we will ‘match a price’ or do a ‘two for the price of one deal’ like other companies.  At Lujo Home quality is important to us.  We will not reduce the quality of our products to compete with competitors.  We do not have a huge markup so rarely do ‘sales’ which has become common place.  Unfortunately there are thousands of manufacturers out there, many who use inferior fabric or cut corners in the manufacturing process.  We have been selling quality products since 2017 well before many others and it took us a long time (previous to opening) to have a quality product like we have now.  We hope you will choose to shop with us, if quality is important to you.

We also believe people should be able to ‘mix and match’ different colours, mommes and sizes in their bedding range.  So with individual items you can mix and match more.

We are a South Australian Family owned business.  We are in Australia.  Your order will be dispatched from our South Australian head office.  We will never drop ship from overseas like many other companies do.

How do I get my pillow into the pillowcase?

To get your pillow into your pillowcase, fold your pillow in half lengthways, and carefully slide it in. Please take care when you’re doing up the zip that you do not catch the silk!  (This could cause the silk to rip and it would not be considered a manufacturer’s fault.)

Do your pillowcases fit all size pillows?

Silk pillowcases are quite different to cotton pillowcases. Because of the silky nature of the fabric, they don’t really suit an envelope style which is far more forgiving in size. It is very important to measure your pillow before purchasing as pillowcases are not a one size fits all.  Lujo Home silk pillowcases all have a zip which helps the silk pillowcase fit nicely and sit nicely on the pillow. Pillow sizes can vary widely between manufacturers, so we have 3 sizes of pillowcases available.

3 pillowcase sizes:

Standard: 48 x 66cm
Queen:     48 x 72cm
King:        48 x 92cm
(We may bring out a larger Standard size (50 x ??cm) later this year — if we do, we’ll let you know asap, join our mailing list to keep up to date.)

Snug or firm fit?

We recommend you measure your pillow before ordering your pillowcase to make sure you get the best fit. When you order, have a think about whether you’d prefer to have your pillowcase sit quite firmly, or if you’d like it to have some room.

How do I measure up for my pillowcase?

Silk Australia, a touch of luxury, measuring first will mean you get the best size for your pillow.  When you measure, do not measure your regular pillowcase, measure your actual pillow from seam to seam.

What if I am shopping for a gift?

Things can get a bit tricky if you want to surprise someone with a gift. Perhaps there is someone you can ask to measure their pillow for you. If not, we’d be happy to exchange your purchase for a different size, subject to our Exchange Policy.

I have a stain on my pillowcase! What do I do?

Luxurious Mulberry Silk bedding does require more TLC than other fabrics, but at Lujo Home we think it’s well worth it!  Mulberry Silk is a delicate fabric, and that means as beautiful as it is, it’s not for everyone. It’s ideally suited to someone who really wants a natural fibre over an easy-care option.

You cannot wash silk in warm or hot water, you can’t use enzyme products for stains without ruining the delicate fibres. You can only cold-water wash.  Please choose your detergent carefully and make sure it has silk approved on the label.  For more information about how to care for your silk pillowcase, please refer to our Silk Care Instructions.

Silk Australia.  How long will my Mulberry silk last?

This will depend on use and care. I have a pillowcase that I’ve used for a few years and it still looks great. However, I have had a couple of customers tell me that they have snagged the fibre on something sharp it and unfortunately it has ripped.   They can also wear near the seam lines especially.  I’ve also had a customer stain their silk pillowcase with stay-fast makeup. Sweat or drool (hey, we’re only human!) can also stain and this is not always easy to get out when it’s a delicate. It’s always best to wash makeup off before you go to bed — better for your pillowcase and better for your skin, too!

We would say on average with proper care a Mulberry silk pillowcase should last on average between 1 and 3 years, a lot of customers choose to replace theirs around this time anyway to make sure they have the best pillowcase they can for their hair and skin.  Mulberry silk is a delicate fabric, that’s what makes it so stunning, and we think its worth the extra care.

To get the best life from your pillowcase please take extra care to measure your pillow properly.  Your pillowcase has more chance of wearing at the seams if there is extra strain on this area, especially being such a delicate fibre.  Also please remember to follow wash instructions carefully.  And take great care when putting your pillowcase back on your pillow so as to not strain the stitching.

Pillowcase tip

A number of our customers have told us if staining has been an issue for them, that during the day, they pop their sleeping pillow aside in a cupboard, or put other pillows in front of it when they make the bed. This way, they still enjoy the many benefits of silk but don’t worry so much about stains.  Silk Australia, a stunning, luxury but affordable option.