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Silk vs Satin Pillowcases?

The quality of silk and satin can make a big difference to your silk pillow case.. Silk vs satin pillowcases..

Silk vs satin pillowcases.  Are satin pillowcases good for hair?  Is satin or silk better to sleep on?  With all the excitement around silk pillowcases, there are so many questions around the quality of silk material used between brands.  At Lujo Home, all our pillowcases and eye masks are made to be the best quality silk material.  There is also a lot of confusion between silk and satin.  Hopefully we can answer a few of your questions.  Silk or satin pillowcase, are they different?

Are satin fabrics made of silk?

Are satin pillowcases good for hair?  A common misconception is that all satin fabrics are made of silk, satin is a name for a weave of threads.  Weaves can be made of silk, materials such as nylon or polyester can also be used.  Not all satin is made of silk so be sure to look closely at this.  Also, many questions around which one is better.  Is silk better than satin?  What is better silk material or satin material?

With our focus on natural materials, we think silk is by far superior to satin made with a man made fiber.  Long strand mulberry silk is not only a natural fiber unlike most satin’s but has many other benefits making it far more desirable material.  Natural mulberry silk has become very popular in the Australian and US market.  Satin silk is gaining interest not just clothing but bedding, especially silk pillowcases, and quilts too.  Silk vs satin pillowcases, we think its an easy choice.

Silk vs satin pillowcases

Are satin Pillowcases as good as silk?

Both Satin and silk pillowcases are in demand.  While satin and silk pillowcases can make a difference to how your hair looks in the morning, which one both is superior?  Are satin pillowcases good for hair?  Is it worth spending a bit extra money on real satin silk.  We often get asked “Are silk pillowcases good for hair, and which one is better?”,  “Is silk or satin better for your hair?”

Not only is silk amazing for your hair, but its a natural fiber and we think it is a much better choice than a synthetic satin.  Mulberry silk pillowcases are also odorless and hypoallergenic.  Mulberry silk contains natural compounds, one being Sericin.  This protein can reduce the possibility of having allergic reaction, compare that to a man-made polyester fabric like satin and we think the decision is easy, silk is a much better choice.

Are satin pillowcases good for hair?

Satin pillowcases have always been well known for hair growth and care, this is nothing new.  But these days you can choose a quality silk option for your satin pillowcase for hair.  Silk vs satin pillowcases, if you are going to sleep on satin, wouldn’t you prefer the best?

Are satin pillowcases good for hair?

What is silk? how does it compare to satin?

Silk is an animal protein fiber.  It is produced by various insects that build cocoons or webs.  It may sound strange, but it really is an amazing product, so refined and beautiful and perfect for a natural source for bedding and fabrics.  Mulberry silk is the finest silk you can buy.  It originates in China.  The local farmers feed the silkworms with mulberry trees, this results in the cocoons perfect to spin into raw silk fibers.

Silk or satin pillowcase.  Silk is comfortable, breathable and one of the softest fabrics you will find, it is highly prized in most parts of the world.

Satin is actually a synthetic material and not a natural fiber like pure mulberry silk.  Satin will also have a glossy and non-glossy side just like silk and can often be called charmeuse, but don’t confuse satin charmeuse with natural silk charmeuse as it is not the same.  All types of satin are a man-made fiber like polyester made by finely woven material.

At Lujo Home our focus is on Natural fibers so you will always find our Silk pillowcases to be made of the finest natural mulberry long strand silk.

Is Mulberry Silk Real Silk?  Are there other types of silk?

There are other types of silk on the market, these other options are not always as uniform in color or texture, often wild silk or habotai will be available, these are not as durable or luxurious as the long strand mulberry silks we use here at Lujo Home.  The best looking pillowcases are made of pure 100% long strand natural mulberry silk.

Many manufacturers will cut costs by adding inferior, cheaper types of silk or synthetic man made fibres.  You need also do your research as often cheaper products on the market will include polyesters and silk.

At Lujo Home we can assure you, you will always get what you pay for, we always use 100% pure natural mulberry silk in our silk bedding and linen.  Our silk filled duvets even have a small zipped section you can check out the quality of the silk floss filling you are getting.  Our silk quilts match perfectly with our silk quilt covers.

Silk or satin pillowcase?

Silk v’s satin pillowcases.  Why should I buy a pillowcase that is natural Mulberry silk both sides?

Not just silk or satin pillowcase, some manufacturers are using cheaper, inferior alternatives. Is two sides of a pillowcase with silk better than one side cotton – We think so!  We get asked quite often “Why do you not have cotton on one side of your Silk Pillowcases?”  Yes, a pillowcase with one side cotton may be cheaper, but is it worth the saving?  We don’t think so, we manufacture all of our pillowcases with both sides silk and we think you will appreciate it.  It not only looks so much better (and this is important right?) you can also flip your pillow over and not worry about having cotton on the other side.

Its not just about satin vs silk, cotton is a highly absorbable fabric, for this reason it is fantastic for items like bath towels, but not for pillows, we spend all night sleeping on.  It is important for our skin to stay hydrated, especially on our face.  We do not want to lose any more of our bodies natural moisture or oils while we sleep.  Moisture loss can lead to issues with our skin.  If our skin and hair sticks to the fabric this causes friction.  Friction can lead to excess creases in our skin and possibly even worsen acne.  Less friction at night is also important to keeping our hair looking as good as possible!

Is satin or silk better to sleep on?

A synthetic satin can be cheaper than pure Mulberry silk but if you want quality, and a natural fiber, then silk is the better option.  Is satin or silk better to sleep on?  As the word satin relates to the weave of the fabric rather than what its made of we think a natural Mulberry silk satin pillowcase is a better option to sleep on.

Silk or satin pillowcase, Is silk bedding hot?

Absolutely not, in fact quite the opposite.  Silk is natural heat regulator, it can help your body to maintain the correct temperature.  It does not conduct static electricity or heat like other man-made fibers.  Often people confuse silk with man-made synthetic fibers used in other fake silk/satin products on the market.

Are your silk satin pillowcases slippery?

As our pillowcases are made of a natural Mulberry silk fiber they are very smooth to the touch.  They do have a very different feel compared to man-made fibers such as polyester and fake silk.  This is often what people may think of when they think of issues with their pillow being slippery.  Real mulberry silk is amazing to sleep on, and not slippery at all!

Silk vs satin pillowcases – Why do silk satin pillowcases vary so much in price?  Luxury vs the more Inexpensive options.

There is a price variance between satin polyester silk pillowcases and luxury pillowcases made from natural silk material.  Its not just the debate between satin vs silk, there is also the issue of quality.  Polyester is a man-made fabric and is much easier and cheaper to produce.  Often made in large quantities from sources such as  recycled plastics and oil.  This makes it relatively inexpensive to produce.

Natural mulberry silk is a luxury product, with many benefits for health and beauty.  Natural mulberry silk fabric used in our pillowcases and silk filled duvets is also quite expensive to produce. The process to harvest and spin silk is very different and complex labor intensive, and this results in a difference in the cost too.

Hopefully we have shed some light onto some of the common questions and misconceptions of satin vs silk.  Especially between natural mulberry silk pillowcases and polyester silk/satin pillowcases.  Natural silk is not only more comfortable but so much better for your health and beauty.  We don’t think you will ever want to go back to sleeping on a plain old pillowcase again!

Satin vs silk pillowcases, it’s great to know the difference 🙂

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