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Reusable straws with a twist

Lujo Home’s Eco Straws with a Twist


A Little Bit Fancy, a curly reusable straw


These straws are eco-glamour. One look and you are captivated by their charm. Sensational smoothies; cute, curvy strawed ice cold Summer beverages; ice-cold iced frappes or an elegant evening drink. These straws are the best curly reusable straws for all kinds of occasions.  Your dinner party or event will be remembered with these amazing straws.  Dazzle your guests.


Entertain with style

Choose these stylish eco reusable straws with the choice of seven colours for your eco wedding, party, family gathering, or event.  Celebrate with a green and clean conscience!  With Lujo Home you can chose from a variety of eco straws including these stunning, curly reusable straws that everyone will be talking about!


Eco-Wedding Glamour

An eco wedding needs the perfect combination of natural and eco products.  This will give your wedding that gorgeous and natural wedding glamour.  Style and commitment to eco values and beauty will be obvious to guests at your eco wedding, with these beautiful curly reusable straws.


Teen Party Must Haves

Throwing a kid’s birthday party? Needs some great ideas for an 19th eco birthday party? These straws will make any table of food and drink look sensational. They are so beautiful that with the additional of these party straws, you just can’t go wrong in your party decorating!


Metal is Strong – So Be Safe

Just like metal knives, forks and scissors these straws are a metal utensil.  Curly reusable straws like all metal straws need to be used with care. While they make a fantastic party accessory for teens and adults they are not advised for young kids under 10 years, people that are intoxicated or anyone with a motor impairment.


Eco-Party Ideas

Serve a stunning smoothie or milkshake with one of these straws for wow factor. Topping that delicious vegan iced chocolate frappe with a coloured curly straw instantly makes your eco party ideas next level glamourous.



Have a friend who loves their green smoothies? A gorgeous Lujo Home curly straw will mean they will think of you with a smile every day!


Beautiful Breakfasts

Whether you frequent a boutique healthy food café or just like to have beautiful breakfasts with your family and friends, these funky reusable straws are perfect for beautiful breakfasts.  They stand out and make any drink instantly fun and delightful. Easy to clean, wash and reuse they are investment that lasts.


Eat Beautiful.  The old saying, ‘we are what we eat’ doesn’t just apply to the ingredients. It applies to the level of love and care we give also to how we eat. It matters that we love and care for ourselves.  Making each time we eat dinner or enjoy a fresh smoothie a beautiful experience is looking after ourselves too.


The next time you make a smoothie in your morning rush, pour it into a beautiful glass, add one of these gorgeous reusable straws.  We should all take 5 minutes to enjoy it outside in the garden, or in a sunny window.


Our curly reusable straws are surprisingly Easy to Clean

You might look at these straws and think they’re beautiful but hesitate at the thought of how to clean them. Don’t let the curling wonderous design deter you! They are easier to clean than you think and there is even a specific tool[RM1] !


The Most Beautiful Eco Straws

We all want to use less single-use plastic and changing your straw is one of the easiest ways to do that but so many are clunky or unattractive! Now, thanks to the new range at Lujo Home you can make the switch to beautiful reusable straws with style and glamour.


Making the switch to options that are better for the earth can be beautiful, funky and stylish thanks to many offerings carefully vetted for beauty and integrity from Lujo Home.


Special note: as with all metal straws due care is important. They are not advised for young kids under 10 years, people that are intoxicated or with a motor impairment. Just like metal knives and forks and scissors they are a metal utensil so they need to be used with care. Please use common sense and don’t use when driving, walking, running, on medication or give to young children, people that are intoxicated or who have any fine motor skill challenges.




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