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Reusable Straws Australia and a Simple Strawberry Smoothie

Reusable straws Australia and a simple strawberry smoothie

With eco and reusable being such buzz words these days, we are excited to have our new stainless steel straw sets.  We now have a huge range of eco reusables.

You will find lots of options with our stainless steel straws, with 5 different colours, 2 shapes and 2 sizes, there is something for everyone.  We wanted to offer you a huge range straw packs, with various options that you can mix and match to create a set you love.


Stainless steel straw options

Reusable straw colours:

Multicolour, now this colour is amazing! As you move the straw you will find it changes colours, so much fun, we think this may be a very popular option!

Rose gold, and yellow gold, such stunning classic colours, these two have already proven to be a hit.

Black, simple, but stunning, goes with all decor, you can not go wrong with this colour, and mixes well with anything else in our range.

Stainless steel, this one is perfect for anyone who love simple, easy care.  Being a plain stainless steel with no coating these will be harder wearing and should stay looking great for years.

Reusable straw shapes:

Bent or straight, pretty simple really.  Stainless steel straws are not flexible like the disposable plastic kind.  If you prefer a bent straw then we have that option too.  You can even shop for our single straw options, to combine different shapes and colours.

Reusable straw sizes:

6mm size is perfect for a traditional straw size.  Great for water, juices, soft drinks, cocktails.

8mm size if the perfect smoothie size, sill looks great but works well with thicker style drinks.


How to clean your new straws

Yes, we thought of that too, they are fairly easy care.  We do not suggest dishwasher mainly because the coloured straws are not solid colour and will last longer with good care.  A soft hand wash in soapy water is fine, just be extra careful with the coatings on the coloured straws as they will scratch or wear over time.  We have included a straw cleaner brush with all sets of 4 straws, use this to make sure the inside of your straw stays nice.


Any excuse to use our new stainless steel reusable straws

With all these extra straws in the house the kids and I have got creative with our morning smoothies.  We have a freezer full of strawberries, so thought it is perfect timing to make the most of them.  In strawberry season we often spend the day out at the local strawberry farm, where we can  pick our own and my freezer is packed with strawberries, and it is so handy to have them on hand.  You don’t get much better than locally grown fruit and vegetables.

* Weekend tip, looking for something to do on the weekend with the kids, check out your local pick your own fruit gardens, makes a fun day out and you can freeze the fruit for smoothies.

So back to our smoothie, I often get a bit bored at breakfast time and find a smoothie quite easy to make.  For this one I have added a few simple ingredients:


Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

* Frozen Strawberries – about a cup.

* 1 cup Almond milk, you can easily make your own but for convenience I just used a store bought one.  Obviously any dairy milk or nut milk will do.

* A spoon of local made jam (leave this out if your want a sugar free version) and you can adjust this to taste.Half a banana, gives your smoothie a thicker consistency, you can always leave this out or adjust to your taste.

* 2 heaped teaspoons of a plant based moringa protein powder.


I blitzed this all in my thermomix, but you can use a blender, or stick blender instead.  Play around with the quantities too, this was about right for a normal large glass for one person, but you can adjust to taste.

It looks amazing, but tastes way better than it looks! Great for a quick breakfast or even better to keep the kids happy after school.  You can make it as healthy as you like, add extra fruit and lots of different options.

Now to make it look pretty!  And our stainless steel straws look great in the rose gold, you can grab them HERE

Have fun making your smoothies, and if you end up grabbing some of our awesome new straws, we would love to see some of your creations on our facebook page.


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