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Silk Quilt

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Silk Quilt Australia.  Do you find yourself overheating at night?  Looking for a light weight silk quilt that’s soft and warm?  You will love our pure luxury silk quilt.  Manufactured with 100% silk floss filling.  We only use the highest grade filling of 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk floss.  Our silk is encased in a premium cotton outer shell. 

We don’t cut corners (like many of the cheaper ones on the market).  From single, king single to super king silk quilt.  Silk weights from summer mid and mid winter, we have something for everyone.

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

Please note: Due to increased costs, we do not have as many options on hand in stock so will be offering them on a pre-order bases.  You may pre-order any combination and manufacture time is around 6-8 weeks.  Please contact us to allow an option if it does not show for you.


Silk Quilt

Silk Quilt Australia, Lujo Home for a premium quality silk quilt / silk doona

Silk Quilt Australia.  Dreaming of the best night’s sleep? Dive into our silk duvet, lovingly filled with 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk, wrapped in quality cotton. Now, when we say “silk doona Australia”, we’re talking about an all-seasons sensation. But why settle? Elevate your sleep game with the best silk quilt Australia has to offer.


Whether you’re snuggling in a single or sprawling in a super king silk duvet, our range has got you covered. And bonus: these beauties are hypoallergenic, top-notch quality, and super kind to Mother Earth. Sweet dreams! 🌙


What makes our Lujo Home premium silk quilt Australia so awesome?

Silk quilt Australia
Quality silk floss filling. No off cuts or cheap silk substitutes.

All Lujo Home silk is of the highest quality: Looking for the best? You’re at the right spot! We take pride in offering premium grade 6A long strand Mulberry silk. And for those seeking the silk doona Australia loves, we ensure top-notch workmanship. No shortcuts with lesser grade Tussah silk here.

Soft and Lightweight pure Mulberry silk filling: Imagine getting cozy warmth without the weight. Our silk offers insulation that rivals down or feather fillings, yet it’s so much lighter. Especially for those facing health challenges, a lighter quilt can be a true game-changer.

A silk duvet is naturally hypoallergenic: Allergies? Asthma? We’ve got a solution. Dive into the hygienic world of our silk duvets, which keep allergens like dust mites, bacteria, and mould at bay. Thanks to Sericin, a natural compound in silk, you’re assured a peaceful, sneeze-free sleep.

100% real quality Mulberry (long strand) silk: No compromises. Only pure, luxurious, moisture-wicking Mulberry silk. Forget about synthetic silk or off-cuts. With Lujo Homes, quality is a given.

Team your new Mulberry silk quilt with: Already in love with our silk quilt? Wait till you pair it with our gorgeous Mulberry silk pillowcases or the ultimate combo – our silk pillowcase and eye mask set.

Lujo Home is a South Australian owned family business: Cheers to local love! By choosing us, you’re supporting a South Aussie family legacy. Plus, our promise? Outstanding service and lightning-fast delivery.

Silk quilt in more detail

  • INNER FILLING:  Silk doona Australia.  Our silk floss is the best quality pure long strand grade 6A Mulberry silk.  Each quilt includes a small zipped section in the cotton outer, so you can inspect the silk floss for yourself.  (zip is only approximately 10cm) See video at the bottom of this page
  • Lujo Home silk filled quilts have a quality cotton outer, for softness and durability.  The cotton outer holds your silk floss filling.  Cotton also prevents slipping inside your quilt cover (quilt cover not included but are sold separately in a stunning pure Mulberry silk), like other quilts with a silk outer can.

    This also reduces the price of our quality quilts.  Making them more affordable for everyday use.  This way we can still bring you a quality silk filled quilt at a fraction of the price.

  • Quality stitching, and a quilted design to keep the silk floss filling in place year after year.

  • For people who like to have their quilt cover stay in place we have included tie spots on each corner and side of our duvets.  This allows it to be tied in place with a suitable quilt cover.

  • OUTER FABRIC OUTER SHELL:  100% Premium Cotton outer – White

  • RECOMMENDATION:  Recommended to be used inside a quilt cover of your choice for protection, not included with this product

  • TESTING: OEKO – Tex Standard 100 Certified

  • PACKAGING: Our Lujo Home quilts come packaged in a cotton bag

  • QUANTITY: 1 Mulberry silk filled quilt

  • SUPER EASY PAYMENT OPTIONS:  We offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  We also offer take home layby options with Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy, Humm and Latidude Pay.  Please see options at checkout.


Quilt size information

SIZE AND SILK FILLING WEIGHT:  Five sizes and three options for silk fillings in our range:
(please note this is pure silk filling weight not the quilt weight)

Single silk doona:  Single silk quilt 140 cm x 210 cm
Summer to mid warmth silk filling 700 grams (238gsm) or mid to winter warmth 1030 grams silk (350gsm)

King single/Double silk doona:  King Single / Double silk quilt 180 cm x 210 cm
Ultra light Summer silk filling 570g (150gsm), Summer to mid warmth silk filling 900g (238gsm) or mid to winter warmth 1320g silk (350gsm)

Queen silk doona:  Queen silk quilt 210 x 210 cm
Ultra light Summer silk filling 660g (150gsm), Summer to mid warmth silk filling 1050g (238gsm) or mid to winter warmth 1540g silk (350gsm)

King silk doona:  King silk quilt 240 x 210 cm
Ultra light Summer silk filling 760g (150gsm), Summer to mid warmth silk filling 1200g silk (238gsm) or mid to winter warmth silk duvet 1760g silk (350gsm)

Super King silk doona:  Super king silk doona 270 x 240 cm
Ultra light Summer silk filling 970g (150gsm), Summer to mid warmth silk filling 1540g silk (238gsm) or mid to winter warmth 2270g silk (350gsm


Silk filled quilt
A queen size mid to winter Lujo Home silk filled quilt with its bag on our mid grey bamboo sheets.

FAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home quality silk quilt

QUESTION:  Are silk duvets warm?

ANSWER:  Silk is a natural heat regulator, it helps to maintain the air around you when you sleep.  Being at a comfortable temperature allows for a deeper sleep.

While silk doesn’t conduct heat or static electricity, it brilliantly maintains your body’s optimal temperature. Moreover, even though our Mulberry silk duvet retains warmth during colder days, it ensures that heat doesn’t get trapped. So, you’re always in for a cozy, just-right feel.  This allows you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A silk quilts thermal properties can be a great advantage to anyone with Menopause issues or night sweats.  Helping to alleviate sweating can also mean less aging of your skin.


QUESTION:  How good are Lujo Home silk duvets?

ANSWER:   Are you getting top quality mulberry silk in your silk doona?

Regrettably, the high cost of premium mulberry silk tempts many manufacturers to skimp on quality. Instead of genuine silk, they use a cheaper version, often filled with inferior Tussar silk—a grade we steer clear from. What’s more, this “silk” they promote? Frequently, it’s a blend of synthetic materials and lower-grade silk offcuts, falling short of the true quality and benefits genuine silk offers.

For this reason we have included a small zip for you to inspect the quality of the silk you have purchased.  This gives you as a buyer, piece of mind.  Team your new silk filled quilt with one of our stunning pure Mulberry silk quilt covers.


QUESTION:  How do you clean a silk quilt Australia?

ANSWER:  Care instructions will vary depending on which Lujo Home silk doona you purchase.

Our summer to mid quilts can be machine washed with care if needed.  Washing should be on the most gentle setting.  Using a silk approved detergent.  Silk doona Australia.  Silk should only be washed in luke warm / cold water under 30 degrees celcius.

Although a gentle wash is possible, we still recommend our Summer quilts be spot cleaned rather than washed if possible, for longevity.  Please make sure you always use your new quilt inside a quality silk cover.  For our pure Mulberry silk options please see here.

Our mid to winter silk quilts are recommended to be a spot cleaned only due to the extra silk filling.


QUESTION:  Does a Mulberry silk quilt get hot while sleeping?

ANSWER:   Some manufacturers sell cheap synthetic materials under the name silk.  This can get quite confusing for unsuspecting buyers.  The breathability and thermo-regulating properties of 100% Mulberry silk is unmatched by cotton, linen or polyester.  And especially fabric made from synthetic materials.  You will find your new Lujo Home Mulberry silk quilt stays soft and cool all night.  Silk quilt Australia quality.


QUESTION:  Do you stock a super king silk quilt?

ANSWER:     We sure do, its one of our most popular sellers.  A Super King silk quilt is becoming a popular size.  Quite often customers use a Super King silk quilt on a King size bed to give that extra luxury length to your quilt.

This Silk doona often sells out fast so if you can’t see it in stock please send us a email with the subject line super king silk doona.



What do our customers think of our Silk doona Australia?

Karen  So Soft.  Love my new silk duvet.  It is so soft and so comfortable on the bed.  Going through menopause, I tended to overheat during the night with either a wool or polyester quilt, but with the silk quilt it is different.  I still get hot, but I don’t overheat and wake up in a pool of sweat. It really does breathe, allowing my body to regulate temperature and therefore I sleep much better. And whilst it is not heavy it is plenty warm enough for the mild Queensland winter.

Courtney  Received my super king silk quilt for summer to mid. It is amazing. We live in Brisbane so it can get hot and humid at times however with the quilt my husband and I are comfortable. My husband usually sweats during the night but hasn’t since we have gotten the quilt. Best investment ever.


Rachell  We bought the silk pillowcase in conjunction with the mulberry silk quilt and what a wonderful decision it was.  I have multiple sclerosis and suffer most nights from overheating. It does not matter what we did with airconditoning I still suffered sweats and overheating.  The mulberry silk quilt is light and so cool to lay under.

My husband says he even finds it cool to lay on.  The pillow case has made such a difference and my nights are now cooler and more comfortable.Thankyou Melissa for all your help and time in answering questions.  Could not be happier with our purchase.   Thankyou Lujo and Mel xx


Michelle  Beautiful Quilt so much lighter than wool quilts I have used in the past.  There is no heavy feeling when it is covering you, It really is a luxurious feeling, I just can’t believe I waited this long to change to silk!

Silk quilt Australia, Melissa is amazing so easy to talk to and kept me up to date, you definitely do not find this kind of customer service in a big business.  Thank you!


Helen  It is light but warm and beautiful to sleep under.  I am very happy with it.  The silk pillow case adds to beautiful, restful sleeping.  Thank you.


Nikki  Love it!  Feels very luxurious..  I was expecting it to be really lightweight and I was a little worried when I ordered as I do like to feel something on me, but it’s perfect..  Nice and warm will need an extra blanket in winter though.


Deborah  I don’t wont to get out of bed now!  I’ve had many silk doonas over the years but this is by far the best quality and price! Highly recommended!


Stitching and silk floss



Mulberry Silk Quilt




Quilt Silk filling weight guide


Silk Quilts







Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Silk filling weight / Size

400g Single (ultra light summer), 700g Single (summer to mid), 1030g Single (mid to winter), 570g Double / King single (ultra light summer), 900g Double / King single (summer to mid), 1320g Double / King single (mid to winter), 660g Queen (ultra light summer), 800g Queen Bed (extra light summer), 1050g Queen Bed (summer to mid), 1540g Queen bed (mid to winter), 760g King (ultra light summer), 1200g King Bed (summer to mid), 1410 King (Mid weight), 1760g King Bed (mid to winter), 970g Super King (ultra light summer), 1540g Super King (summer to mid), 2270g Super King (mid to winter)


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