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Reusable Coffee Cup Australia

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eep your drink hot or cold on the go with our modern reusable coffee cup – Australia.  With a simple crisp look our insulated coffee cup is made of long lasting stainless steel.  Perfect for all drinks ranging from wine to coffee.


Reusable Coffee Cup Australia


Our modern insulated reusable coffee cup Australia is the perfect travel companion, going shopping, heading to work for the day or for everyday use around the house.  With a simple crisp look our insulated reusable coffee cup in Australia is perfect for all hot or cold drinks.  Use for any drink ranging from coffee, tea, wine, or even your favourite homemade soup.

It’s available in the medium size, holding 475mls of your favourite drink or soup.  Its the perfect addition to your reusables range.  Pair it with our reusable drinking straws and cutlery set range to help reduce your use of plastics around your home and workplace.


What makes our Lujo Home reusable coffee cup so awesome?

  • Insulated coffee cup to keep your drink cool or hot.  There is no need to rush your coffee while its hot.
  • Insulation stops outside of cup creating condensation
  • Insulation stops outside of cup getting to hot or cold to hold, no need to worry about burnt fingers with a take away coffee
  • Removable lid (with a closable section to drink from.  This section can also be used for a straw.
  • The cups are splash proof (they do not completely seal watertight)
  • Modern painted finish with four fun colours.  Purple, rose gold or black
  • Perfect as a reusable coffee cup
  • Great to take home made soup to work or on the go for lunch, stays hot for hours
  • Eco-friendly reusable insulated cup
  • Fantastic gift for the eco-consious person
  • Will fit in most car cup holders (please check to be sure)


Reusable coffee cup Australia in more detail

  • Width approximately 8.5 – 9 cm at top
  • Width at bottom 7cm
  • Width tapers up so should fit most cup holders, please measure to be sure
  • Height 15.5 cm
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity 14oz or 470mls
  • Choose your colour, either purple, rose gold/copper or black
  • Wash instructions: hand wash only, painted finish not suitable for dishwasher
  • Packaging – no gift box packaging, only packed in plain white shipping box with bubble wrap
  • Brand – Lujo Home logo on side of cup
  • Package size 9.5 x 9.5 x 17 cm
  • Package contains one stainless steel cup and one clear splash proof sealing lid (does not seal 100 %)
  • Weight 300g
  • Made in China (All stock in South Australia)


FAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home quality reusable coffee cup Australia

QUESTION:  What is the best reusable coffee cup?

ANSWER:  We have designed our insulated wine tumblers to be stylish and long lasting.  Great colours to choose from and quality you can see and feel.

QUESTION:  Do reusable coffee cups keep coffee warm?

ANSWER:  Absolutely!  our reusable coffee cup is made of double wall construction, in quality stainless steel.  This gives it thermal properties.  It’s one of my favourite uses.  There is no need to rush your coffee while its nice and hot.  Great for a coffee or tea on the go.  Or for busy Mums who struggle with time to drink their coffee straight away.  Just remember your coffee will stay hot a lot longer so be careful when you drink it!

QUESTION:  Are Lujo Home coffee cups leak proof?

ANSWER:  Our insulated wine glass has a plastic seal able lid.  This is easily removed for washing or refilling.  The lid is splash proof for use on the go.  They are not watertight so please remember not to tip upside down or your drink will leak.

QUESTION: Which keep cup is best?

ANSWER:  Although plastic or glass can be used for a reusable cup, stainless steel is a great option.  Our stainless steel cups are double wall insulated.  This means they have thermal properties so they will keep your coffee hot.  The double wall construction also means the outside of the cup will not get hot. No more burnt fingers when buying take away coffee.  Stainless steel is hard wearing.  And the closable lid makes them convenient compared to an open mug.

At Lujo Home we prefer to stay away from plastic, for a few reasons.  First of all we think stainless steel is a more eco option.  Stainless steel is actively recycled on a large scale around the world.  Stainless steel is also BPA and Phthalate free.  Not only can these be an issue with the taste of your coffee but may cause health issues too

QUESTION:  How do you clean a reusable coffee cup?

ANSWER:  Absolutely.  Stainless steel will not break like glass will.  Washing is easy with a warm soapy water hand wash.  Our cups are best hand washed rather than dishwasher.  Although the cup is fine in the dishwasher the paint will not last as long as when hand washed so please keep this in mind.   Please be careful though as they are not unbreakable.  If dropped hard enough stainless steel can dent, and the paint can chip.  This does not affect the use of the cup but they will not look as nice.

Although the plastic lid is breakable if dropped we do have replacement parts that can be purchased.



Leave a spare eco friendly insulated coffee cup in your car or handbag for any coffee or drink purchases on the run.  Saves on single use cups and helps our environment.


So if you want to introduce some style and convenience to your reusable drinkware range, the Lujo Home reusable coffee cup is extra large and eco friendly.  We have great quality products for Australia.  Buy yours today from Lujo Home.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 6 cm

Rose Gold, Purple, Green, Black, Pink, Spare lid – no cup included


Insulated for both hot and cold drinks, Coffee, Wine, Soup


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