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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

In Stock

  • 25 momme silk pillowcase Australia, perfect to keep your hair and skin looking its best
  • 100% highest grade 6A long strand mulberry silk, both sides of pillowcase
  • Hidden zipper closure
  • 5 x 25 momme silk colours
  • Sizes:  standard 48 cm x 66 cm, queen silk pillowcase 48 x72 cm or king size silk pillowcase 50 x 92cm
  • 1 Pillowcase in a Lujo Home gift box
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified

Please note: Due to increased costs, we do not have as many options on hand in stock so will be offering them on a pre-order bases.  You may pre-order any combination and manufacture time is around 6-8 weeks.  You will know if an option is on pre-order as it will say ‘on backorder’ just next to the add to cart button for that variation.

At Lujo Home we have 19, 22 & 25 momme silk pillowcases.  They all have the best grade 6a Long strand Mulberry silk both sides and zipper closures  See them all here.



Mulberry silk pillowcase

Pure luxury you can feel

Mulberry silk pillowcase.  Our 25 momme silk pillowcase Australia is a touch of luxury for your bedroom.  To ensure the best quality, Lujo Home only sells grade A, long strand silk. Sizes up to king size silk pillowcase.

Well known as the “best pillowcase for hair”.  Improvements in hair and sleep creases can happen overnight.  Our Lujo Home 25 momme silk pillow case range are the best pillowcases for hair and beauty.   Your hair and skin will thank you.

If you read through our silk pillowcase reviews it’s easy to see why they are so popular.  At Lujo Home we sell 19, 22 & 25 momme silk pillowcases.  You can find the others Here


What makes a Lujo Home Mulberry Silk Pillowcase so awesome?

  • All Lujo Home silk is of the highest quality premium grade 6A long strand Mulberry silk.  Quality workmanship, stitching and the best quality silk.  25 momme silk pillowcase Australia.  The momme rating of silk (similar to thread count) is an important consideration.  You want a pillow slip that lasts and is made of a silk fabric suitable for sleeping.
  • Quality silk both sides of your silk slip pillowcase.  We never use inferior fake silk or cotton with our premium pillowcases.  Both sides are the same top quality 25 momme Mulberry silk.  This means when you flip your pillowcase over at night you have two luxurious sides to sleep on.  No cheap corner cutting like others on the market.  Naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Our mulberry silk pillowcases are designed to fit snug on your pillow.  With a zippered closure to help keep in place and stay looking good.
  • 100% real quality Mulberry silk is soft, luxurious and moisture wicking.  Your new pillowcase will not slide off your bed. Our quality silk will not feel sticky, or hot like Other cheap synthetic fabrics.  Always do your research. Sometimes other manufacturers label these as synthetic fabrics as ‘silk’ or ‘satin’.  You get the quality you are wanting with a Lujo Home pure Mulberry silk pillowcase.
  • Unlike other brands we keep all the logos on the inside of our pillowcases.  you will not find any embroidery or labels on the outside of our pillowcases.
  • Lujo Home is a South Australian owned family business.  By shopping with us you are supporting local.  We value great customer service and have quick delivery.  (We never ship from outside Australia)
  • Our Premium range of Mulberry silk pillowcases come in 7 stunning colours (and we often have limited edition colours, but you need to be quick!  They sell fast.)
  • Mulberry silk is luxury, natural product.  Our pure silk pillowcase is machine washable with care.  A quick hand wash or machine wash in a delicates bag on cool with like colours.  Always use a silk approved gentle detergent.  Please see our FAQ and Silk Care Instructions for more information


25 momme silk pillowcase Australia in more detail

  • Five modern colours.  Our 25 momme silk pillowcase Australia is available in ivory white, charcoal, caramel and pink and navy.
  • Three sizes in our range: STANDARD:  This size is our most popular size – fitting most standard size pillows.  48 x 66 cm. QUEEN:  Our queen size Mulberry silk pillowcase is perfect for people with a larger pillow.  48 x 72 cm. KING:  Our King size silk pillowcase measures 48 x 92 cm. Please measure your pillow (not current pillowcase) from seam to seam across the top of your pillow, to decide which pillowcase size will fit your individual pillow as all pillow brands will differ.  Tip: Wanting a colour in a particular size we don’t have in stock?  Send us a message as we are happy to do custom orders.
  • Testing:  Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Please see our FAQ for more detailed information on buying silk
  • Beautiful packaging. Our premium Mulberry silk pillowcase comes in a Lujo Home gift box. Perfect for a special gift (or spoil yourself).
  • Super easy payment options:  We offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  We also offer take home layby options with Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy and Latidude Pay.  Please see options at checkout.
  • Lujo Home is a South Australian owned small business, we manufacture our pillowcases in China


Mulberry Silk PillowcaseFAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home quality Mulberry silk pillowcase


QUESTION:  Are your pillowcases the best Mulberry silk pillowcase for my hair?

ANSWER:  Mulberry silk pillowcases are famous for being the best pillowcase for hair. Many amazing benefits have been documented from all over the World. Many Doctors, dermatologists and hair stylists have noted the benefits of silk pillowcases.

The natural proteins found in silk. As well as silks smooth texture can reduce hair damage, split ends and your skins sleep creases.

Silk isn’t absorbent like cotton. Using a silk pillowcase can limit the loss of natural oils from your hair. It can also and improve fizziness and shine.

Does sleeping on a 25momme silk pillowcase stop hair loss? Probably not,but sericin (a silk protein) has been used in hair products for years. This is because it smooths the hair cuticle. This can make your hair look thicker and prevents it from tangling.


QUESTION:  Will a silk pillowcase help my beauty sleep?

ANSWER:  Comparing to cotton, linen or polyester. Mulberry silk doesn’t cause creasing, pulling, rubbing or dragging of the skin. The smooth surface stops these. Reducing sleep creases as you sleep.

Dermatologists recommend sleeping on a silk slip pillowcase.  As it may help slow visible signs of aging.  There was an interesting study in 1999. These studies were published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications. Reports showed sleep lines occurred when there was repetitive, long-term tension on the skin. Studies revealed an average 12% improvement in wrinkles.

This was within 28 days of eliminating the source of friction.  Imagine the improvement with our luxury king size silk pillowcase.

The Neglected Importance of Sleep on the Formation and Aggravation of Facial Wrinkles and Their Prevention Pair one of our luxury silk eye masks with your silk pillow slip to experience the full, anti-aging effect.


QUESTION:  Does a real silk pillowcase help with allergens or my skin?

ANSWER:  A silk pillowcase, eye mask and silk filled quilt, can help skin to retain a youthful glow.  Linen made from cotton or synthetic polyester can attract moisture, which in turn can also draw in allergens and bacteria.  This may also damage or cause reactions to your hair and skin.

Pure Mulberry silk is a natural fabric.  It has a anti-bacterial, non-irritating effect.  There was a study by the Department of Dermatology in Medical University (Austria). This study found that silk had positive effects on acne after using it for 6 weeks.

Sleeping on silk may reduce the symptoms of asthma, rosacea and eczema. A Lujo Home 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase will reduce friction on your hair as well as your skin while you sleep.  This may soothe your red, itchy and irritable skin conditions.

Our silk is non-allergenic, odorless and chemical free. Many manufacturers use other synthetic fabrics and satin’s. These can emit gases and chemicals while you sleep.


QUESTION:  Does Mulberry silk get hot while sleeping?

ANSWER:   Some manufacturers sell cheap synthetic materials under the name silk.  This can get quite confusing for unsuspecting buyers.  Other manufacturers sell pillowcases with one side mulberry and one side synthetic silk.

The breathability and thermo-regulating properties of 100% Mulberry silk is unmatched by cotton, linen or polyester.  And especially fabric made from synthetic materials.  You will find your new Lujo Home Mulberry silk pillowcase stays soft and cool all night.

Is overheating while asleep is an issue for you?  Consider our Lujo Home pure long strand Mulberrry silk filled quilts. These quilts are a great match with your new 25 momme Mulberry silk pillowcase.


QUESTION:  Why is the momme rating important?

ANSWER:  There are many reasons why most people prefer a 22 and 25 momme silk pillowcase Australia.  The higher rating the silk, the longer lasting your pillowcase will be.  The momme rating is a fancy way of saying silk weight.

25 momme is slightly heavier.  To keep it simple, we sell nothing under 19 momme which is the minimum recommended for bedding.  (other sellers may hide this rating for a reason)

High quality silk forms a physical barrier against dust mites and their faeces. Unlike fabric that can trap pet dander, pollen, mould spores and other allergens.  High quality silk is an effective barrier.

Cheaper silk and synthetic pillowcases use less thread in their product to save costs.  Lujo Home silk pillow cases are woven so tightly that dust mites or their droppings can’t penetrate.  We have sizes right up to King size silk pillowcases.




25 momme silk pillowcase reviews by our real customers:

Samantha, 5 stars.  Best Decision Ever …
I bought two king size silk pillowcase from Lujo Home after scouring the net for days.

I decided on Lujo Home because I’m a fan of supporting a small, honest, Aussie business. I have really really long thick hair (which I used to wake up with a knotty mess) and sensitive skin. I had been thinking of silk for agessss.  But the cost put me off – best decision ever, finally buying them.

My hair is smooth every morning and I’m getting less breakouts on my face. My skin texture has improved. Because I’m not rolling around uncomfortable all night. Or scratching my face due to the course feeling of (even good quality) cotton.

The silk quality – stunning it’s like sleeping on a slice of heaven. Buttery soft I’ll never get over it.

The price – a bargain if you ask me

because they’re soooo much better than I expected.

The sizing for the king size was totally accurate and I’m sleeping better than ever.

Not to bang on about a pillowcase too much lol but it’s kinda changed my life if you’re unsure just BUY THEM.

Ps customer service 10/10 delivery time 10/10 packaging 10/10 x


You can find this review and many more from our amazing customers (real customers) on our reviews tab on the left of this page x

What are you waiting for? Pamper yourself with a luxurious mulberry silk pillowcase. Your skin and hair will thank you! For our other colours of 19 momme silk pillowcase please see HERE

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 3 cm
Size (Please Measure Pillow)

66x48cm, 72x48cm, 92x50cm

Colour / Momme

White Ivory 25 Momme, Caramel 25 Momme, Pink 25 Momme, Charcoal 25 Momme, Navy 25 Momme, Sea Green 25 Momme




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