Silk Pillowcase Australia

Make sure you are sleeping on the best silk pillowcase Australia.  Our quality satin pillowcase Australia is made from the highest quality Mulberry silk.  Your hair and skin with thank you for it.

Silk:  Grade 6A 100% 19 momme long strand
Style:  Hidden zipper closure to keep your pillowcase in place and looking good
Size:   Standard 50 cm x 66 cm or  Queen 50 x 72 cm  (For King size silk pillowcases please see our premium Mulberry silk pillowcase range here)

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Loving your silk pillowcase?  We have your gift giving solved!  See our Bundle Packs below..  And remember, we are South Australian owned, so you won’t be waiting months for delivery 🙂


Silk Pillowcase Australia

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Best Silk Pillowcase Australia

Satin pillowcase Australia – Mulberry Silk, extra luxury, and soft on your hair and skin

Wanting to see new life in your hair and skin?  Make sure you are sleeping on the best silk pillowcase Australia.  What if a simple silk satin pillowcase could be the answer?  Mulberry silk is the highest quality for a satin pillowcase Australia.  Change your cotton pillowcase to a Mulberry silk pillowcase and instantly transform your hair.  Yes absolutely, improvements can take time.  But read our reviews. You will see how many customers notice improvements straight away.


Lujo Home’s sensational colour range and amazing quality

Our sensational fresh colour range will bring an amazing pop of colour to any tired bedroom.

Are you looking for a simple hair friendly replacement for a cotton pillow slip?  Word is getting out about how amazing our pillowcases are.  Our Lujo Home silk pillowcase is beautifully designed.  Quality workmanship guaranteed.  Our 100% 19 momme mulberry silk pillow case range is designed with affordable luxury in mind.

Perfect for people who care about their hair, skin and love simple beauty options and great sleep.  The most amazing, silky smooth pillowcase you will ever sleep on.  Satin refers to the weave of the material rather than what it is made of.  Why Silk?  A synthetic satin will be much cheaper than pure Mulberry silk but if you want quality, and a natural fiber, then silk is the better option.


What makes our pillowcase the best silk pillowcase Australia?

  • Is Mulberry silk real?  At Lujo Home we only sell the best quality Mulberry silk, that is 100% real silk.  This means you are getting great value for money and a satin pillowcase that will last [unfortunately many cheaper ones don’t].  Affordable best grade 6A long strand mulberry silk. 19 Momme for extra luxury.
  • What is the best pillowcase to buy?  Have you ever considered how damaging friction from a cotton pillowcase is? Imagine how this impacts your hair when we sleep for over 6 hours per night? Now compare that to the soft, silky feeling of pure mulberry silk. The difference for your hair health is remarkable. You will wish you know about them sooner.
  • Is a silk pillowcase worth it?  Well that depends on you, how much do you hate waking up in the morning with damaged hair?  A silk pillowcase will not fix all your hair damage but they sure can make a huge difference.  Just check out our reviews.  [This is why we only sell pillowcases that last, so many of our customers purchased cheaper pillowcases and found they didn’t last, before finding ours]
  • Are all silk pillowcases the same?  Unfortunately not.  There are so many ways some manufacturers cut corners that it pays to buy quality.  Do you want your pillowcase to last? [because we do].  Some manufacturers sell a synthetic silk as ‘silk’.  This is not a natural product and although it can still feel soft on your skin and hair you can also find synthetic pillowcases can overheat and make you sweat [can cause breakouts or skin reactions too].  Often other brands only have one side silk. What happens when you flip your pillow at night? [we think this defeats the point of buying silk].  Quality stitching is important.  These things all add up, and often customers don’t realize cheap pillowcases are cheap for a reason [until it’s too late].
  • Mulberry silk is a natural fibre. It has a satin finish. Being natural is a more hypoallergenic option compared to synthetic fibres.
  • Hidden zipper closure. This makes your pillowslip more stylish and easier to sleep on. No worrying about your new pillowcase slipping off your pillow in the middle of the night.
  • A silk pillow case will make a perfect gift for someone.  Our fresh neutral colour range will go with most bedroom decor.
  • Super easy care. Silk is a natural product. A quick hand wash in cold water in a silk approved detergent is best.
  • Lujo Home is a South Australian owned business, this means you are supporting local. It also means quick shipping of in stock purchases and great customer service.
  • 12 stunning colours, see picture below

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Satin pillowcase Australia in more detail:

  • Size:  Standard size pillowcase is 50 cm x 66 cm.  Queen size silk pillowcase 50 cm x 72 cm
    (please measure your pillow before buying as they all differ).  Please measure your pillow (not current pillowcase) from seam to seam across the top of your pillow, to decide which pillowcase size will fit your individual pillow as all pillow brands will differ.
  • Material:  Highest grade 6A 100% long strand mulberry silk. 19 momme.  We also have a premium 22 and 25 momme option sold separately
  • Style:  Hidden zipper closure design.  No inferior silk or synthetics.  Makes our silk pillowcase Australia comfortable to sleep on both sides.
  • Colours:  Twelve colours in the 19 momme silk pillowcase Australia range.  Black, ivory white, dark grey, silver grey, teal blue, blue, purple, plum purple, pink, emerald green, caramel and red. If a colour is out of stock please message us for more information on the next delivery times. Please be mindful of colour differences. Computer, and device screens, can display colours different to real life.  Silk has a beautiful natural shine and can vary depending on the lighting in your room.
  • Branding: Unlike other brands we keep all the logos on the inside of our pillowcases.  You will not find any embroidery or labels on the outside of our pillowcases.
  • Quantity:  1 silk pillowcase Australia
  • Care Instructions:  Please see our care instructions page for detailed instructions.
  • Super easy payment options:  We offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  We also offer take home layby options with Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy, Humm and Latidude Pay.  Please see options at checkout.
  • Packaging: Plain PVC package and some gift box options, please see each colour listing on the dropdown menu to see the option with that pillowcase (for a gift boxed option please see our premium silk pillowcase range) (or our 22 momme eye mask and pillowcase gift set)



FAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home quality silk pillowcase

Does one size fit all pillows?

No, we manufacture our silk pillowcases to fit most standard pillows snugly. Please measure before you buy. We have a exchange policy which allows you to exchange.  Please try on your pillow before washing as we are unable to return once washed.  For larger pillowcases see our queen size option or please see or 22 and 25 momme range if you need King size.

Lujo Home satin pillowcase Australia.  Do they have silk both sides?

Absolutely, some cheaper brands use silk only one side to cut down on costs. Our products design is affordable luxury. Silk both sides looks better, and is more comfortable.

Is silk slippery and sweaty?

No, silk is a remarkable natural product. Most people are referring to cheap synthetic versions, when they refer to silk being slippery. Synthetic silk can be sticky and make you sweat, this is not a cheap synthetic. Be wary of any manufacturer who does not give you specifics when you buy silk.

Is Lujo Home an Australian business?

We sure are.  Lujo Home is an Australian owned, and family run business, based in South Australia.  Although we manufacture overseas, everything else is based here.  You will never order an item from us and then find out it’s being sent from over seas.  We never drop ship either.



Our satin pillowcase Australia range make the perfect gift.  They match perfect with our 19 momme range of mulberry silk eye masks for the perfect night’s sleep (or day).


The best silk pillowcase Australia is for children too

Do you have a child with a Sensory Processing Disorder and find bedtime and hair brushing difficult or stressful? (or ANY issues with hair brushing) You may want to read this review from our amazing customer about our silk pillowcase Australia range ?

Gizette W. Verified Buyer
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect

I bought the two Pillow cases for my 3yr old.  She has Sensory Processing Disorder, this causes her to have issues with sleep and she moves so much at night. Thus in turn turning her hair into a massive birds nest, and brushing is NOT an option (Less I fancy an early morning wrestle match).

Since having the Pillow Cases, her hair has been noticeably smoother and easier to manage in the morning.

? I can even get a brush to it without a wrestle.



So if you want the best, affordable, best silk pillowcase Australia.  The Lujo Home 19 momme silk pillowcase is extra silky, made from the finest pure silk and extra awesome.  Perfect for your hair and skin.  Buy yours today from Lujo Home.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Colour 19 Momme Silk

Gold, Black, Ivory White, Dark Grey, Silver Grey, Teal Blue, Blue, Purple, Plum Purple, Pink, Emerald Green, Caramel, Red


Standard 50cm x 66cm, Queen 50cm x 72cm


Lujo Home is an Australian – family owned online store that sells beautiful, luxury bedding, home decor and homewares.

We specialize in the best quality mulberry silk in a wide range of colours.  100% alpaca, bamboo linen and eco homewares at affordable prices.

We have the best service, quick delivery and pride ourselves on our customer service.



Lujo Home accepts payments by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Afterpay, Klarna, Zip, Humm, Lattitude Pay and Laybuy

Lujo home is an approved Eway Merchant


FREE SHIPPING for orders over $120

Standard shipping capped at $6 *limited time only

Order dispatch in most cases is within 24 – 48 business hours.

Please note couriers and Australia Post can take a longer than normal (even Express Post can take longer than normal).




Lujo Home is a South Australian Family business.  For this reason our online store remains open as we are able to continue to pack your orders every day.

Order dispatch in most cases is within 24 – 48 business hours.

Please note couriers and Australia Post can take a longer than normal (even Express Post can take longer than normal).

We will update here if this changes.

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