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Bamboo toothbrushes

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  • Our bamboo toothbrushes are available in adult and kids sizes, with a huge variety of fun colours
  • Each pack contains four
  • Long lasting bristles which are soft and fine.  Great for effective cleaning of your teeth and gums
  • No plastic packaging or handle, so great for reducing plastic too


Bamboo toothbrushes Australia – Multicolour 4 pack


Our quality eco friendly bamboo toothbrush is great for all the family


Bamboo toothbrushes Australia, Eco friendly, with bamboo handle, and all recycled paper packaging.  Imagine the amount of plastic we can save by swapping everyday items we use to a more biodegradable option.  Begin and end your day right, with our biodegradable handle toothbrush.  Our Lujo Home bamboo toothbrushes are made with soft nylon bristles that last.  As the name suggests our bamboo toothbrush has a handle made of quick growing, renewable bamboo.  Perfect for the eco friendly family.

Eco friendly toothbrush, that is plastic free (other than the nylon bristles) and available in multiple fun colours – pink, light pink, blue, sea blue, yellow, green, purple and orange, red, black, white, dark grey, dark green and plain bamboo

Whats so awesome about our bamboo toothbrushes


  • Renewable bamboo handle, bamboo handle, no plastic handle
  • Soft and fine nylon bristles.  Why do we have nylon bristles?  These bristles ensure our toothbrushes are longer lasting.  So far we have been unable to source a biodegradable bristle that lasts more than a few weeks.  We think this is a great compromise and our customer feedback has been fantastic.
  • Comfortable round handle for everyday use
  • Five fun colours.  So much easier to tell who’s toothbrush is who’s when you can choose your favourite colour, bamboo toothbrush Australia


Bamboo toothbrush details


  • SIZE:  Adult bamboo toothbrushes are 18cm long.  Our children’s bamboo toothbrushes are 14.5cm long with a shorter handle and smaller bristles, more suitable for your child’s teeth
  • COLOURS:  Adult size colours –
    Pack 1, black, white, pink, mid blue.
    Pack 2, light pink, purple, light blue, leaf green.
    Pack 3, sea blue, yellow, orange and red.
    Pack 4, LIMITED EDITION PACK – January 2020, dark green, purple, black and red.
    Pack 5, all bamboo no paint
    Children’s colours available – yellow, purple, pink, blue and green
  • ACCESSORIES:  Our eco toothbrushes team perfectly with out eco travel cases, these are an additional purchase.  Our eco toothbrush packs do not come with the bamboo travel case, this is separate
  • AGE RANGE:  The Lujo Home bamboo toothbrushes suit from ages 6-Adult
  • PACKAGING:  Our eco brushes come packaged in brown cardboard boxes and no additional plastic waste.  Each brush is individually packaged and pack 1-3  of 4 has its own box.  Toothbrushes are posted in a recycled paper box, if any packing peanuts are needed or bubble wrap these will be 100% reused, donated to us by other businesses.   This means we do not use plastic for packaging
  • Designed in Australia, made in China, bamboo toothbrush Australia are shipped from Adelaide
Bamboo toothbrushes

FAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home quality bamboo toothbrush Australia


QUESTION:  How long do bamboo toothbrushes last?

ANSWER:  With a little extra care our Lujo Home bamboo toothbrushes should last similar time to a regular plastic toothbrush.  Most dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush when the bristles frey out of shape.  We have continued to use nylon bristles in our toothbrushes due to their long lasting ability.  Most biodegradable bristle options only last around 2 weeks.

QUESTION: What are the best bamboo toothbrushes?

ANSWER:  Regular plastic toothbrush handles, and most times the packaging too,  are made from plastic.  Plastic does not biodegrade, this means when you throw your toothbrush away it will outlive you, causing a huge problem for the environment with throwaway plastics.  Our packaging is entirely compostable, or recyclable, no plastic packaging waste.  Our bamboo handles are made of fast growing bamboo.   We think they are the best options for an eco toothbrush for our store available.

QUESTION: Can bamboo toothbrushes get moldy?

ANSWER:  Keep your toothbrush dry in between uses.  This is as easy as drying quickly with a towel after use.  Then store in a dry areas until your next use.  Bamboo toothbrushes should only get moldy if you store in wet conditions.

QUESTION:  How do I dispose of my toothbrush when finished?

ANSWER:  First of all how about up-cycling your toothbrush, see a couple of ideas below.  The best way to dispose in the most eco friendly way is to remove the nylon bristles.  You can dispose of these bristles in your normal garbage waste.  We find they are easy to remove with a sturdy pair of pliers.  Please research how the bamboo handle is best disposed in your council area.


Up-cycle your used eco toothbrush before composting.  Perfect for small cleaning areas around the house, like grout, or kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Remove the bristles and use as a plant marker in your veggie garden, use a permanent marker to write the plant name.  The coloured handles make this even more fun for kids with the bright colours.


Our eco toothbrushes fit perfectly into our reusable bamboo travel cases.  If you use your toothbrush on the go, these make a great addition to your purchase. (available separately here)




A eco friendly toothbrush for the whole family.

Now is a great time to change your family to eco friendly toothbrushes. So if you want to introduce some style, fun, and reduce plastic in your bathroom, our eco bamboo toothbrushes are a more environmentally friendly choice.  Buy yours today. Bamboo toothbrush Australia.


Bamboo toothbrushes come in a cardboard box, not in the bamboo travel case as shown in picture.  Please purchase these separately.

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Pack 1 – Black, White, Bright Pink, Mid Blue, Pack 2 Light Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Leaf Green, Pack 3 Sea Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pack 4 SPECIAL EDITION Dark Green, Purple, Black and Red, Plain bamboo handle no paint, Kids Various Pack, Pink (Pack of 4), Blue (Pack of 4), Green (Pack of 4), Orange (Pack of 4), Purple (Pack of 4), Yellow (Pack of 4), Black (Pack of 4)


4 x Adult Pack, 4 x Kids Pack, Pack 2 Adult, 2 Kids


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