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Mulberry silk pillowcases – the secret to beauty sleep

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases – the secret to beauty sleep


The phrase beauty sleep is an old and true one. How you sleep does affect your beauty and appearance. Are you sick of waking up with extra sleep wrinkles?  What difference do Mulberry silk pillowcases make in the long term?


Does how I sleep cause damaged hair?


The biggest beauty tip you will ever need is – as soft as silk. As you sleep you turn and toss a lot in bed, which can cause damaged hair ends. A real silk pillow case is an easy and simple step to protecting your hair while you sleep. Its smooth texture means it protects your hair while you sleep. It is a smooth surface for your hair to slide across.

The average adult sleeps for 8 hours a night so that is 8 hours of potential damage with a cotton pillowcase.


Mulberry silk pillowcases for hair care


Silk has been long revered for its ability to create smoother hair. The nature of silk means it glides through hair. It never grabs or pulls, breaking ends.

If you want less split ends then a Mulberry silk pillowcase if just what you need.


How do I get softer hair, naturally?


A combination of a silk pillowcase and a silk hair scrunchy help prevent breakages and split ends. They also help your hair keep its natural oils and moisture because hair and silk work together so well.


Can a cotton pillowcase damage my hair?


Yes, it can, cotton draws moisture from your hair. Absorbing all those good oils you need for soft and beautiful hair. A simple switch from cotton to a silk pillowcase will help create beautiful hair.


How do I get less sleep wrinkles, naturally?


We all want less wrinkles, but did you know your choice of pillowcase could be causing wrinkles?

A pure silk pillowcase glides across your skin, unlike cotton. Cotton fabrics pull on your skin, stretching it. When you sleep your skin is being stretched in ways that damage the skin and can cause wrinkles. A silk pillowcase with let your skin retain moisture and stay smooth.



Is your bed linen aging you?


It is amazing to think that we could be doing so much damage to our hair and skin while we sleep. But it is even more amazing to think that simply purchasing silk pillowcases can keep us looking younger and fresher.


Silk for beautiful skin and less sleep wrinkles


Silk means less friction and less damage to your skin, especially the delicate and easily damaged skin on your face and neck. We love the feedback we get from customers about the reduction of their sleep wrinkles.  By giving our skin and hair the best possible materials during all those magic sleep hours we are helping ourselves to look younger, fresher, more beautiful.

Mulberry silk pillowcases are a natural and effective choice for real beauty sleep. We stock beautiful silk pillowcases at Lujo Home. We often have various Lujo Home pop up shops around Adelaide South Australia.  Please check out current locations on our locations page.  At any of our pop-up stores where we have an extensive range of eco shopping in Adelaide South Australia and online. Easy shopping options.



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