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Lightweight quilt

Lightweight quilt

Warm, luxurious but lightweight silk quilts

What is the best quilt for a hot sleeper?  I am no expert on quilts, bedding or getting a good sleep.  But a few years back I realized how much difference a lightweight quilt could make to getting a great nights sleep.  For years I have suffered with issues around sleeping.  I used to find myself overheating at night, and a heavy quilt never felt good.  It took me a lot of trial and error to find the perfect lightweight doona for me.  Five years ago my health issues were getting out of control.  With an autoimmune issue and sore painful joints and muscles, I found it hard to get a good sleep.  Even worse, if I did not sleep well, my symptoms would just snowball and get worse.

Overheating at night was becoming more common for me, and this in turn would flare up all my issues.  I started to research the best quilt for hot sleepers and the information I found was quite interesting and certainly not what I had expected.  I had always stuck with micro fibre quilts or feather and down assuming they were light weight.  But not as light weight or comfortable as Mulberry silk filled quilts.

The importance of the body’s core temperature for sleep

In an article in The Australian, Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley says “People tend to set their ambient house or bedroom temperature a little higher than is actually optimal for sleep,”

The body’s core temperature needs to drop by about two to three degrees to initiate sleep, Walker says. “If our core temperature is too high, the brain cannot easily make the switch from being awake to being asleep, or create the best quality sleep.”

No wonder so many people have issues if they are waking up overheating during the night.  Could a lightweight doona be the answer?

Is your doona making you overheat?  Heat intolerance and sleeping

Heat intolerance is a common issue for people with autoimmune diseases and unfortunately something that I have always suffered with.  A lightweight quilt seems to have made a huge difference for me.  But not just any quilt, I needed a lightweight doona.  I was overheating at night. My doctor suggested looking for a quilt that was more comfortable to sleep with.  Most of my research was done just chatting to other online members in Facebook forums. Silk was suggested.  I had never heard of the option of a silk quilt.  I was starting to hear how silk filled quilts had been a big help for them.

Although it seemed the silk filled option was the best quilt for hot sleepers they were not easy to find in Australia.  I purchased one with a very high price tag but noticed a difference in my sleep straight away.  At Lujo Home we stock a range of affordable mulberry silk filled quilts that you can find in our silk shop.

Silk filled quilts are lightweight

It was not just the fact I was not getting as hot while I slept, there were other bonuses too.  One of the biggest bonuses for the silk filled quilt was the fact that it was so light, still so warm but not heavy.  As a light weight quilt it was easier to turn over in bed with less restriction.

I live in South Australia so most of the year silk quilt is the perfect weight and warmth.  In winter I find it best to sleep with a a thin blanket on top of my lightweight doona.  During the night if I happen to overheat, I can easily throw off the blanket.  I still feel warm throughout the night without overheating.  For me this has been the best quilt for hot sleepers.

I was so impressed with my silk quilt I started researching other options for bedding, such as silk pillowcases to improve my hair.

The perfect lightweight doona, this was the beginning of  Lujo Home.

My family and I wanted to bring a quality range of bedding to our own online store.  With many options for bedding we wanted a brand where people could find nice, affordable options for their bedding.  A lightweight doona is especially good for people who had health issues like myself (or just want better hair!)  I hope this helps give you some idea of the best quilt for hot sleepers.

You will notice at Lujo Home we have our mulberry silk filled quilts in a cotton shell.  We have found this a much more economical option for people.  A cotton cover is more practical for a quilt.  A full silk quilt, with silk cover and filling, will slide around inside your quilt cover and tends to be more difficult to keep in place.

We think our silk filled quilts are the best option for people who over heat while they sleep.  You will find two options.  One is the premium grade A long strand filled quilt and our standard mulberry option.

While you are here, we would love you to check out our Lujo Home bedding online store.  We think our pure Mulberry filled silk quilt is the best lightweight doona for Australia.

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