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Hypoallergenic Bedding Australia – Bamboo and Silk

Hypoallergenic bedding Australia – Is there a better choice?

Hypoallergenic sheets Australia.  For hypoallergenic bedding Australia.  Most people spend an average of 7 hours in bed per night.  We think a Lujo Home Bamboo sheet set or a Mulberry Silk pillowcase are a better choice.  Regular bedding can attract many allergens, such as dust, mold, dander, and dust mites. If you have an allergy to any of these, dealing with them can be a battle.  A hypoallergenic doona, such as one with a silk filling can make a huge difference.

The best first step is to look for some good quality hypoallergenic bedding Australia. Hypoallergenic bedding is made from materials that repel allergens such as dust and mould.  Less hypoallergenic materials and bedding is more likely to attract these allergens. Different types of allergens thrive in different locations and will need to be dealt with appropriately. Dust mites will usually be found in pillows, sheets and quilts for example.  A hypoallergenic doona is a great choice, silk is the best you will find.

What do we mean by hypoallergenic sheets?

The term hypoallergenic is often used to describe certain cosmetics and fabrics that are friendlier to allergy sensitive people.  Allergic issues can sometimes be reduced by using fabrics are that are more hypoallergenic in your bedding.  Although it doesn’t mean it fixes these issues completely.  Keep in mind when caring for your bedding other issues can arise such as detergents used to wash bedding.  This is something you also may want to experiment with.

Hypoallergenic sheets

Do you have sensitive skin? – Hypoallergenic bedding is a must

How many hours do you spend in bed asleep?  Sleeping on bedding made with synthetic materials can often highlight issues with allergies.  The processes and chemicals used to make synthetic bedding can sometimes trigger allergies and skin problems.  Quality bedding made with more natural fibres can assist with skin or allergy problems. Our hypoallergenic sheet range is super popular.  Our bamboo sheet set or mulberry silk pillowcases  can help to naturally resist most allergens simply because they are softer.

A tip to make you bed more hypoallergenic.  You can always use something to cover your bedding while you’re not using it.  This can be as simple as a throw blanket you take off before you go to bed at night.  This can help prevent dust and dander from settling on your bedding.  By removing before you sleep, which can in turn can help your bedding stay hypoallergenic.

Fluffing pillows, and flipping your mattress can help with this too.  Consider quality bed sheets as well.  The weave used in bedding fabric can also make a difference. Tightly woven is the better option for hypoallergenic fabric. This means the fabric is more resistant against small particles such as allergens, to pass through and get stuck.  At Lujo Home we stock bamboo sheet sets as they are amazingly soft and luxurious.

Hypoallergenic sheets Australia – Whats your best option?

Sometimes the options of hypoallergenic bedding can seem confusing. There are so many option available to purchase.  Mulberry silk is one of the best.  Mulberry silk is also a very popular option for the health of your hair and skin.  Not only is it generally more dust resistant, but it is the silkiest, softest, hypoallergenic option on the market.  It is naturally antimicrobial and bed bugs prefer not to live in it.  It can also repel mold and mildew.  Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can find, and it contains natural proteins, which will also aid in protecting against allergens.

Hypoallergenic bedding Australia, Mulberry is the most luxurious

Hypoallergenic sheets Australia, Silk, not just luxury.  It can get confusing with all the different options of satin vs silk.  Read here about the differences.  Another benefit of using mulberry silk bedding is how long it can last with proper care.  Silk filled duvets can last years if taken care of properly.  The long threads of mulberry silk, as well as its natural ability to bond create an incredibly luxurious filling.

There are many benefits of using Mulberry silk for bedding.  Its often overlooked but so important to keep harmful allergens away while sleeping. Mulberry silk is the best in the business for hypoallergenic bedding Australia.  There are several options when it comes to silk quality. Grade 6A long strand mulberry silk bedding is the best and highest quality option on the market.  There is no question then, that you absolutely cannot go wrong with using mulberry silk bedding.  This is especially true if you are looking to prevent allergens inhabiting your bed.

Bamboo Bedding is a popular option.  At Lujo Home we stock bamboo sheet sets as well as Mulberry Silk Pillowcases in both 19 and 22 momme.  Our hypoallergenic pillowcases come in many colours options.  For those of you wanting to go for the extra luxurious sleep check out our Mulberry Silk filled duvets / quilts.

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