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Have you ever considered a silk quilt / duvet as an option for your bedding?  In Australia they are not a well known option yet.  Here will will discuss the surprising benefits of using a silk quilt.

Can bedding affect your overall health?

Mulberry silk quilts have many wonderful properties which help a variety of people.  At Lujo Home, we believe that your bedroom decorations should not only be beautiful, but also not detract from our overall health.  There are a myriad of silk duvet benefits.  You can order our Mulberry Silk quilts from our online store.  Our Mulberry silk quilts are made from the finest silk.  For our customers, we also show our silk products’ momme measurements.  A momme is a measure of silk density.  The higher the silk density, the higher the durability on our silk line of products.  All of our products are at least 19 Mommes, which is higher than some of our competitors.  Our silk filled quilts contain long strand Mulberry silk floss.

Mulberry silk for temperate regulation.

Silk is great for temperature regulation and for skin health.  As a lightweight and soft material, silk does not conduct static electricity.  It can also prevent some of the friction which irritates skin and thins hair. Silk products also are hypoallergenic, because allergens are less likely to be trapped on the silk in the way that cotton sheets can trap allergens.

Are silk duvets any good?

Our Mulberry Silk Quilts are created with long strand Mulberry Silk Floss which allows our quilts to be much lighter than feather filled or down sheets.  The lightweight property of our silk quilts are good for people who have circulation issues or arthritis etc, as the extra weight from feathers or down are not inhibiting blood flow.  The lightweight property of our silk quilts also makes bed making easy in the morning.  Silk does not bunch as other quilts do, so there is also no need to reshape your silk quilt.

All Lujo Home silk quilts are filled with the best grade 6A long strand silk floss for quality and warmth.


Our bedding options at Lujo Home

Mulberry Silk is one of several materials we offer in our Lujo Home online store.  We also offer Bamboo products.  Each of these products has unique qualities so we hope you look at all of the options on our website to find the best material for your bedding needs.  Silk is for people who are looking for a luxurious and durable material made of natural fibers.  Silk is also for those who are trying to improve skin care and hair because silk creates less friction than other materials.  Bamboo is for those who are looking to be environmentally sustainable because of Bamboo’s ability to grow without less or no pesticides, to release extra oxygen and remove harmful chemicals from the air.  Bamboo also has great antibacterial properties so for those who are health conscious, bamboo is a great choice.

Quality Silk Products

Our quality of products is sure to amaze you and we hope that you will find the best products to fit your needs.  Our silk duvet benefits are becoming well known, but there are quite a few luxury bedding options.  In particular, we at Lujo Home, hope that you will enjoy our Mulberry silk pillowcases, eyemasks and mulberry silk quilts as a refreshing and comfortable source for your sleeping routine.’  Add to that a bit of luxury with our stunning pure mulberry silk quilt covers.

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