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OUR STOCKED SILK SHEETS AND QUILT COVERS ARE ON CLEARANCE SO DO NOT MISS OUT (SALE PRICES AS MARKED) – All sizes still available but only on pre-order from now on.

Gold Silk Bedding Range

🌟 Unveiling the Golden Dreams with Lujo Home Silk 🌟

Gold silk bedding, hello to our wonderful community of luxury enthusiasts!

We have some shimmering news for you. Our new Limited Edition Gold Silk Bedding Range!! If you’ve been a part of the Lujo Home family for a while, you’ll know that we don’t do things by halves. So, when one of our customers (yes, just one!) wished out loud for a golden touch to their bedding, we thought, “Why not go for gold… literally?”

Introducing the Gold Silk Range! A lustrous collection that promises to add a touch of elegance and opulence to your bedrooms. We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the best in Mulberry silk products, and this new Gold silk bedding collection is no different. Limited Edition Gold Silk Bedding Range is for a limited time only. (This limited time is now up but if you are wanting any item in this colour please contact us to arrange the bedding you want to be made available on a pre-order basis).

Here’s What’s Glinting on the Horizon:

  • Silk Quilt Covers: Transform your bed into a golden oasis. Drift into dreams wrapped in the luxurious embrace of our gold silk quilt covers.
  • Fitted Sheets & Sheet Sets: There’s something magical about the rich sheen of gold combined with the softness of our premium silk.
  • Blankets: Add an extra layer of warmth and luxury with our golden silk blankets. Perfect for those chilly nights or just when you want to feel extra pampered. Gold silk bedding.
  • Pillowcases and More: Because why should your bed have all the fun? Adorn your pillows with golden silk cases and let your face feel the luxury every night. The best part? These are already available here.

Pre-Order Opportunity! Now, here’s the golden catch: This range is so exclusive that it’s not even on our website. But since you’re our beloved reader and a part of our cherished community, you get to order. Our range is only available by special order for a limited time only. If you wish to pre-order any of these items, simply drop us an email at customerservice@lujohome.com.au. Mention your interest in the golden range, specify the item, and provide your bed size. We’ll then add the necessary details to our website, allowing you to complete your order with ease.

The best thing about our pre-orders is, you are not limited to Gold silk. We can pre-order most 22 momme (and some 19 momme) colour silks in most Australian bed standard size items. So if you don’t see what you want online please email us and we can see if we can make it happen for you!

The excitement here at Lujo Home is palpable. We’re so eager to see how our community embraces our new Gold silk bedding. So, don’t wait too long – dive into the golden age of sleep with Lujo Home!

How to Pre-order? Easy, Here’s How:

So, What’s a Pre-order Again?

Think of it as reserving something super cool for yourself. It’s a way to ensure you get your hands on the good stuff before anyone else. We have your items made specifically for you, in the colours and sizes that suit your lifestyle.

How to pre-order?

  1. Say Hello: Just pop an email over to customerservice@lujohome.com.au letting us know you’re in.
  2. Your Wishlist: Tell us which items you’ve got your eyes on and the size of your bed.
  3. Updating Our Site: We’ll then add the specific Gold silk bedding items to our website.
  4. Almost Done: Once everything’s updated, we’ll ping you with a link. Click, confirm, and you’re good to go.
  5. Payment Time: Now, just lock in your choices with a full payment (just so you know, we’re skipping PayPal for these orders).
  6. A Little Patience: After that’s sorted, we’ll need about 6-10 weeks to ensure everything’s crafted to perfection for you.

Taking the pre-order route means you’re one step ahead in grabbing this limited release. So, if it sounds like a plan, why not jump in? Catch you in the inbox!

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