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Looking for gift shops in Adelaide?

Are you looking for gift shops in Adelaide?


Gift shops in Adelaide. Buy quality gifts in our online store, our or our temporary popup locations at Westfield Marion, or order at our permanent online store.  Buying gifts is one of those things most of us love but do not particularly enjoy.  What do you get someone that has just about everything?  Do you love to support local businesses but find it hard to get the time to go shopping? Are you looking for a gift idea that will stand out?

We have a few ideas gift ideas we think you will like.


A great gift for the environmentally conscious


Are you looking for a gift for someone who likes a bit of fun, but also likes to make a difference to our environment?  If you add up how many reusable straws you would use in a year you can easily see what a difference our reusable straws can make.  They come in a great little packs, you can choose from five colours (rose gold, gold, silver, black and multi-colour).  Three sizes (regular, smoothie and bubble tea).  Bent or straight.  What an awesome gift, a Christmas gift, birthday or just any day really.



A gift for those who appreciate great sleep


Most of us sleep for over seven hours each night.  And who doesn’t love to feel, and look great, first thing in the morning.

Something with a little more luxury that most gift shops in Adelaide.  Our 22 momme premium silk pillowcases and eye masks not only help you get a better sleep but they are also kind on your hair and skin.  Many of our customers have commented how much their friends have appreciated them as a special surprise gift.  Beautifully gift boxed, our premium range can be purchased separately or combined as a set.




Do you love supporting small business?  Or want a gift for someone who likes looking good?


Of course if your hair really looks that tragic, you can always distract from it by wearing beautiful jewellery. If that’s what you decide, we recommend Desiderate Jewellery, another Australian Small business with beautiful handcrafted and affordable silver and gemstone pieces. Check out this blog post about the meaning behind their Lucky Three Collection, beautiful pieces and full of positive energy and healing vibes.



Where are we located?

Do you prefer to shop online?  If so, check out our Adelaide based online store.  We deliver Australia wide and pack most orders the same day.



Westfield Marion and TTP

Our Westfield Marion and TTP pop up shops have now closed and we are purely based online and our products can also be found online only at







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