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Curly hair products – A curly hair beauty secret

So many curly hair products.  What do I really need?  Where can I find the best curly hair products?  A silk pillowcase for curly hair.  Having beautiful, curly hair can mean waking up with a foot-wide tangled halo. That is until you have the best pillowcase for curly hair!  Yes! Did you know that silk pillowcases for curly hair mean you wake up with softer, silkier hair?  Silk pillowcases are every curly haired girl’s best friend.  They are a must have for better curls.  If you are after softer, more luxurious curls one of your best investments is a high-quality silk pillowcase for curly hair.  Best curly hair products Australia.

Simply, a 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase to be exact.

Stop the damage as you sleep – the surprising curly hair product – Best curly hair products Australia

If you have curly hair, curly hair products alone will not give you your dream hair because as you sleep your hair is pulled and damaged.  It is stripped of its natural oils by the very linen you sleep with.  Especially if you are not using the best pillowcases for curly hair.

That pillowcase on your bed right now, could be ruining your hair!

Beautiful hair needs the right pillowcase.  How to get the best curls?  Your hair needs care and beauty sleep.  Yes, your hair needs the best pillowcase for beautiful hair out there in Australia, especially if you have curly hair.  Curly hair loses moisture and oils faster than straight hair, so it needs extra care to look its best.

Best curly hair products Australia

What is your pillowcase made of?

Not all curly hair products are created equal.  The material that your pillowcase is made of might not have ever been something you have ever considered yet it is one of the best kept curly hair beauty secrets!  One of the biggest beauty trends in Australia right now is Mulberry silk pillowcases for curly hair.

These beautiful, silk pillowcases are amazing for your hair and every curly haired girl should have one.  Just imagine, your hair is rubbing against the pillowcase while you sleep.  Pulling, stretching and causing split ends.

Silk is smooth and soft, so it reduces friction that damages your hair.  Mulberry silk protects your hair as you sleep.  A silk pillowcase is the best pillowcase for curly hair.  The best beauty buys this year are silk pillowcases for hair.  We all need one.

Not all silk pillowcases are equal! The easy curly hair product

Be careful when buying that silk pillowcase for curly hair because they are not all the same quality.  At Lujo Home we have done all the hard work and research for you.  We have found the best silk pillowcases.  Don’t waste your money and time and risk your hair – make sure you are buying pure, long strand mulberry silk and quality workmanship is a priority too. Best curly hair products Australia – A surprisingly simple, new pillowcase.

Mulberry silk fabric makes the best pillowcase for curly hair.  Silk is the modern, natural option.  A Mulberry silk pillowcase is the best choice for curly hair – compared to the old (synthetic) satin pillowcases of the past.  A good quality silk pillowcase can help keep the shape, and style of your hair. This is especially true with curly hair.

Best curly hair products
Quality grade 6A long strand Mulberry silk, available in our


After a lot of research at Lujo Home we found our 19, 22 and 25 momme pure mulberry silk which feels softer and silkier than the cheaper ones on the market.  Be careful, anything less than 19 momme is not as suitable and well lasting for bedding, and many brands do not even disclose this.  A silk pillowcase for your curly hair should last!  Unlike other curly hair products.

Not all silk is as good.  Some manufacturers use a lesser quality silk and don’t mention this.  Especially with silk pillowcases.  You are trusting your hair, and your skin on this pillowcase all night so don’t risk damage to your hair by using a lesser quality version.  Get the right silk If the manufacturer doesn’t display the type and momme of the silk, there is usually a reason why!

Beauty sleep truly starts with a silk pillowcase

And it isn’t just helping your hair.  A silk pillowcase could make a difference and reduce lines to the delicate skin on your face too.

Your skin, just like your hair will glide on the surface of your silk pillowcase.  Customers often report fewer fine lines pressed into their skin in the morning.
Silk Pillowcases are the ultimate beauty product for everyone.  Especially if you have curly hair.

At Lujo home we have over fourteen different colours of pillowcases in our online store.
Our beautiful pillowcases make sure you get the best pillowcase for your curly hair.  Lujo Home cares for curly hair.  You will find both mulberry silk pillowcases as well as mulberry silk sleep eye masks.

The best curly hair products and beauty buys this season, or any time of year is a silk pillowcase.  A perfect gift for anyone.  The perfect gift to yourself.

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