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Make the switch, to cotton reusable produce bags

Make the switch, to cotton reusable produce bags

Reusable produce bags in Australia will be one of the biggest changes in how we shop. It is a powerfully positive step that every family can make. Our Adelaide pop up shop, Lujo Home are making it even easier with a range of beautiful eco friendly produce bags for you to buy.

Never-ending amounts of plastic are bad for the environment. Changing to zero waste produce bags is a simple, cost effective and easy way to make a difference.  See out range of Lujo Home eco reusables here.


best reusable produce bagsDo eco-friendly produce bags really work?

We are making the switch as a nation in Australia to reusable bags, and reusable produce bags, but do they work as well as plastic bags? Why does changing from plastic make such a big difference to the environment?


Reusable produce bags

Reusable produce bags are an investment and an eco-shopping choice. An original outlay that gives you years of use. If you estimate that you shop even once a week, buying some oranges, lettuce, onions and apples. That’s at least 4 plastic produce bags. If you did that once a week for a year, that makes over 200 plastic bags. 200 plastic bags you personally used, just in fresh produce alone that you have now sent out into our environment.

Plastic in our environment is detrimental and harmful to our amazing Australian sea life and wildlife. Plastic can take up 1,000 years to decompose. Did your apples really need to be transported in something so destructive to the Earth?


Mesh produce bags really make a differencemesh produce bags Australia

When we look at figures like that, we see how easily it is that we are all part of the problem therefore, how easily we can be part of the solution.

Shop for the future of a healthy planet and be proud when you take, not only your own shopping bags but you bring your own mesh produce bags as well.


What is the best kind of mesh produce bag Australia?

All zero waste bags are good for the environment. It is always a smarter choice for the future. At Lujo Home we chose cotton reusable bags after extensive research. Durable, easy to wash and perfect for buying and separating fruits and vegetables when you shop.


Why cotton eco friendly produce bags?

produce bags reusableWhile there are many options in the market like mesh bags and various eco produce bags, we found that cotton produce bags to be one of the smartest choices available. They are lightweight, non-toxic, travel well and are suitable for many uses. The material breathes and unlike some alternative produce bags are very easy to wash and clean. Research shows that they are one of the strongest options, making your eco-shopping experience better.

While there are other options like recycled plastic based bags, they are still plastic. At Lujo Home we aim to stay as far away from plastic as possible, in the most stylish way! Our organic cotton bags aren’t just practical, they are also sophisticated and stand out eco chic. You will never look daggy buying your fresh produce in a stylish Lujo Home reusable produce bag.

Team our mesh produce bags with our muslin produce bags which are perfect for finer foods like nuts, seeds and grains.


Caring for your reusable produce bags

Cotton bags are easy to care for, hand wash in cool water or a simple gentle machine-wash on cold with non-toxic washing powder and they are fresh and ready to use. Once clean and dry they are easy to store in your cupboard, car or even your handbag. Being made of organic cotton they are also easy to repair and even compostable once they have lived out their life.


Buy online at Lujo home

Lujo Home is a South Australian online store specialising in quality Mulberry silk and reusable eco homewares.  You can buy our eco friendly mesh produce bags direct from us online here.






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