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Adelaide Mum Melissa, the Founder of Lujo Home, wins Silver twice at 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards

Melissa Van Kasteren, who founded Lujo Home has been named an AusMumpreneur Overcoming the Odds Award winner and AusMumpreneur Disabled Business Excellence Award.

The awards were held at an online event where talented Mums in business from all over the country gathered to support and encourage other Australian Mumpreneurs.

Melissa said she was excited to be named the runner up in both categories in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards against such a talented group of women.

“It’s nice to get to second place twice”

“It was quite nerve-wracking watching all the award winners while waiting for my award to come up.  I found myself in tears a few times watching the amazing stories.  So many talented ladies that have achieved so many brilliant things.  It’s nice to get to second place twice with such inspiring competition.  I’ve always found networking with other business owners can give you little tips or the confidence to implement new things in your business.  Especially considering I have not had any formal business training or background.  I am looking forward to next year’s awards now it is all over!”

“I remember hearing stories of other business owners back when I first started and wondering how they got to achieve what they did.  Fast forward to 4 years later and now I look at what I have achieved and it humbling to think back to where I started.  Watching the other ladies give their acceptance speeches give me hope for even more success in the future.”

Living with an Invisible Illness

For many years Melissa has lived with an invisible illness.  Diagnosed with SLE Lupus, with symptoms as early as 21 years old.  Serious illness is a tough journey, but she is glad of one thing through this challenge, it has led her to create Lujo Home, which officially launched in 2017.  Myer Online was introduced a couple of years later.

 Melissa had no idea that buying silk bedding would be the precipice that would change her life and lead her on the path it has. The silk duvet and pillowcases gave her relief. Something not easily done while living with a chronic illness. It was also beautiful to touch and look at, making her feel more relaxed.

 “I fell in love with pure mulberry silk and that was the start of Lujo Home”

 Mulberry silk wasn’t just wonderful to touch, it had beauty and health benefits too. She realized she needed to share this discovery with other people.

These awards are about recognizing Mum’s achieving outstanding business success

AusMumpreneur was created to support Australian entrepreneurs like Melissa and her fellow AusMumpreneur Award winners, Peace Mitchell, cofounder of AusMumpreneur said.

“These awards are all about recognising the growing number of mums who are achieving outstanding business success while balancing motherhood.”

“I was blown away by the entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and professionalism of the award winners and I know that they will provide great inspiration for other mums considering starting their own business,” Peace said. 

This is the twelfth year the AusMumpreneur Awards have run, with the business mum community growing at lightning speed as mothers look for opportunities to join the ranks of small business owners in search of more flexibility, financial freedom and family time.

AusMumpreneur Network co-founder Katy Garner said “the awards show the passion of women who want to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams as well as be great Mums.

“Despite the pandemic the number of women starting businesses has continued to grow in the last 12 months! We are thrilled to be the number one community for Mumpreneurs and proud to showcase the best and the brightest each year through these awards.” 

The Recognition can give you a really big boost

Melissa feels like the recognition has given her a really big boost during what has been a tricky few years in business.

“We are delighted that Melissa has been recognized with this award, she has created an outstanding business and is an inspirational role model and ambassador for Mums in business everywhere. We wish her and all our amazing Ausmumpreneur Award winners every success in the coming year,” co-founder Peace Mitchell said.

More information on the AusMumpreneur Awards and the complete list of winners and placegetters can be found at: www.ausmumpreneur.com

For further information, images or an interview please contact:

Melissa van Kasteren 0415 345 102,  www.lujohome.com.au, customerservice@lujohome.com.au


Silk Quilt? Never heard of it before! ​

Best all season quilt is silk. A Summer quilt, a Winter quilt, so many options for a bed quilt. Especially the best quilt Australia. But I have never hear of a silk quilt? It’s a comment we hear a bit and we can’t really blame people. Because up until the last few years it’s been very hard to find good quality silk quilts in Australia, so it’s no wonder that many people automatically tend to think ‘feather or down’ when it comes to quilts. Or, dear me — dare I say it — polyester! That synthetic fabric that just doesn’t breathe! No wonder people are tossing and turning and can’t sleep well and many women are thinking their menopause is worse than it is, when it could just be their synthetic (or feather or down) quilt making things a whole lot heavier and hotter and sweatier.

For a comfy sleep, a silk quilt is definitely the answer. It’s wonderfully light and it breathes so it keeps you warm without overheating. But you don’t have to take our wordfor it — click here to read over 40 reviews from happy customers who are now enjoying a fabulous night’s sleep under their Lujo Home silk quilt.

So what is the best all season quilt silk?

At Lujo Home, we stock silk quilts of 3 different weights, so there will be one to suit you, wherever in Australia you live. And, our silk quilts have handy ties at each corner and down the sides so that you can mix and match them, depending on the season.  For example, the lightest weight is Ultra Light Summer, then there’s Summer to Mid, then Mid to Winter weight. Which one/s you need will depend on where you live, your personal preference and how hot you are lol 😉 

Summer Quilt

Our Summer quilt is perfect for warmer climates all year round. At Lujo, we call it our Ultra Light Summer quilt and it comes in most sizes — Double, Queen, King and Super King. We also stock another weight of quilt that’s in between summer and winter, called Summer to Mid which comes in all sizes, including Single. 

Winter Quilt

Mid to Winter weight, this quilt should keep you toasty warm no matter how cold it is outside. But wait! There’s more! One of the fantastic things about our Lujo Home Silk Quilts is the fact that you can use more than one. 

Silk quilt mix and match 

Silk quilt mix and match… wow, that’s a tongue-twister — say that 3 times quickly, lol. Sorry, back to business. Lujo silk quilts have a handy tie in every corner and in the middle so that you can easily tie them together and add an extra quilt layer to your bed in winter. Many of our customers have told us that they have purchased a light silk quilt for starters, to see how they love it and when they did, they then bought another silk quilt to add to their bedding in the cooler months (or vise versa). 

Winter quilt

Bed quilt — Silk is the best for your health​

At Lujo Home, we’ve been selling silk quilts ever since we launched in 2017 and we’ve got so many happy customers who would never go back and sleep under anything else. I wouldn’t either. In fact, it was my health issues that led my doctor to suggest I look at a lightweight quilt to try and help me stop overheating at night.  I first heard about silk quilts from an American lady on a Facebook forum back in 2011. I finally tracked one down in the US and had it sent to Australia. It changed my sleep forever and really made a huge difference to my health. I wanted to share my discovery with others and that’s why I started Lujo Home.

Silk quilt — silk filling in cotton shell 

Our silk quilts are filled with silk floss (think fairy floss rather than dental floss!) and only the luxury, best grade long strand 6A Mulberry silk. Which, if you’re a silk fan and/or a Lujo Home customer, you probably already know is the best silk in the world. You probably also know that there are lots of silks out there, so to compare apples with apples — or rather, silk with silk — when you’re shopping around (and I suggest you do) it pays to check if the silk quilts other people are selling are Mulberry silk (as well as all the finer details). If they don’t mention Mulberry silk, you can bet they aren’t. Just because we won’t fill our silk quilts with any offcuts or inferior Tussar silk, doesn’t mean others won’t! 

At Lujo Home, our quilt has silk filling in a cotton shell, so that it doesn’t slide around as much inside your quilt cover, like silk on silk would. We always like to go the extra mile and offer real value for money, so after a lot of research, we decided on this design as it also offers a much more economical option for our customers. 

Best quilt Australia

I’ve just been looking through my happy customer reviews and it’s reminded me of some more great benefit of silk quilts. So much lighter than traditional quilts, Lujo’s silk quilts are perfect for anyone frail or aged. Also recommended for husbands who tend to overheat under other quilts. Also loved by Chihuahuas who won’t get out of the bed now! So this could be the only downside… every man and his dog will be hogging your lovely new silk quilt!

Silk quilts FAQ

We often get customers asking about quilt sizes and which size silk quilt goes best on which size bed, so here are a couple Q&As for your information. 


A Double bed quilt is the same size as a King Single bed quilt. The dimensions are 180cm x 210cm.  When looking for the best quilt Australia, you are in the right place.


You don’t have to put a King quilt on a Queen bed, but you absolutely can! In fact, a King quilt looks beautifully on a Queen bed, draping nicely down the sides. Lots of people (including me) love the luxurious, pampered feeling of having an extra-large quilt on the bed. Having a King quilt on a Queen bed might also be a really good idea if the King steals the quilt away from the Queen at night… or vice versa!  For the best all season quilt we know you will love Lujo Home

Silk pillowcase – beauty benefits while you sleep

Silk pillowcase – beauty benefits while you sleep

A silk pillowcase to sleep on is one of the best beauty regimes you can treat yourself to.  We all have our individual beauty routines that we make time for during the day — usually first thing and last thing — but imagine an easy all-night beauty treatment that takes extra care of your skin and your hair without any effort from you, while you sleep.

What do silk pillowcases do?

What do silk pillowcases do is a question that we get asked quite often. There are lots of benefits that silk offers and one of the most important is what we call glide. The silky smoothness of this luxurious natural fibre, Mulberry Silk, is what takes care of your skin and your hair while you sleep. For example, have you ever woken up from your cotton or synthetic pillowcase with creases on your face? Well, that won’t happen with silk.  Because your skin slides beautifully over silk, it means that no matter how much you might toss and turn if you’re a restless sleeper, the silk surface of your Lujo Home pillow case will continue to offer you a wonderfully smooth surface to rest on.  And because it’s the best quality silk, it also helps keep your skin and hair well hydrated.

Silk pillowcase beauty benefits

Quite often, we get reports from our customers who had skin reactions, overheating etc from sleeping on cheaper, synthetic pillowcases and this is what has led them to seek out a healthier option such as our top-quality Mulberry Silk pillowcases.

Here’s just a short list of some of the benefits our customers tell us they get from sleeping on their Lujo Home silk pillowcase:

  • smoother looking skin
  • hair is not tangled
  • fresher looking skin
  • no awful creases
  • I don’t feel hot and uncomfortable any more
  • I look younger
  • my awful rash has gone
  • I don’t sweat as much
  • I wake up feeling refreshed
  • my skin just feels better!

Are silk or satin pillowcases better?​

Although it’s quite common to hear people talk about silk and satin in the same sentence, they’re actually worlds apart — very different fabrics, indeed. Yes, they might both look to be shiny and smooth, and in the past, satin used to be made from silk.  But the satin of today is actually made from synthetic material such as nylon, rayon and polyester. Synthetic satin is generally a much more affordable option, but when you consider what you would normally spend on your beauty routine? We think investing in a quality silk pillowcase is a very small price to pay. If you really, truly want to get the biggest health and beauty benefits from your pillowcase, we recommend you choose 100 percent silk. There really is no substitute for the best.

Benefits of sleeping on a 100% silk pillowcase​

Here are some of the beautiful benefits of sleeping on a 100% silk pillowcase:

  • naturally cool
  • reduces sweating
  • less oily hair
  • less oily skin
  • fewer skin breakouts
  • a better, more restful sleep.

What’s the best silk pillowcase?

Any of our Grade 6 A long strand silk pillowcases are the best silk pillowcase, because at Lujo Home, we’ve made the decision to stock only the highest quality. So you can be sure that whichever silk you choose — lighter or heavier — you will always be choosing the best silk pillowcase. And be assured that every Lujo Home pillowcase has the same quality construction with a neat, hidden zip.


silk pillowcase beauty

Which weight silk would make it the best silk pillowcase for you?

They’re all beautiful top-quality silks however different people prefer different weights. That’s why Lujo Home gives you a few options to suit your individual needs:

  • 19 momme is a great starter pillowcase, slightly thinner silk but still the best quality
  • 22 momme is a beautiful in-between weight in silk, a stunning silk sheen
  • 25 momme is slightly heavier again, with a slightly less silky sheen and extra durability.
  • Different momme, different colour range

One thing to consider before you decide which momme you would like, is colour.  The colours in our 3 different ranges do vary, so make sure your favourite colour is available in the momme you choose before you place your order.

Are silk pillowcases cool to sleep on?

Many of our happy customers have given us feedback about how they love the cool feel of sleeping on their 100% silk pillowcase. Once you know that synthetic fabrics such as satin are made of petrochemicals, and you make the change to silk, you’ll wonder how

which means neither can your skin. If you’re ready to make the change to beautiful, luxurious, world’s best quality 100% Mulberry silk, contact us today.



Reusable Straws Australia and a Simple Strawberry Smoothie

Reusable straws Australia and a simple strawberry smoothie With eco and reusable being such buzz words these days, we are excited to have our new stainless steel straw sets.  We now have a huge range of eco reusables. You will find lots of options with our stainless steel straws, with 5 different colours, 2 shapes … Read more