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Care for hair – Silk Hair Scrunchies, the best hair accessory

Care for hair – Silk Hair Scrunchies, the best hair accessory.

Silk hair scrunchies are your hair’s best friend. From dressing up your go-to messy bun to perfecting a stylish ponytail. Hair scrunchies are beautiful, easy to use and oh so in right now.

At Lujo home we have a stunning range of silk hair scrunchies in our online store. Beautiful silk hair scrunchies that can be easily delivered to your door.


Why is silk good for your hair?

A hair scrunchie doesn’t just tie your hair back, it will protect and soothe your hair. Other fabrics can grab, stretch and even cause breakage but silk glides through your hair and protects it.


Why silk?

Silk is gentle on hair; it has been a beauty must have for eons. From silk hair scarfs, to silk pillow cases and now the year’s must have, real silk scrunchies it is the top choice of the best fabric for hair. It’s soft and silken nature means it glides rather than grabs, it gently holds hair firmly in place and there are no tangled knots with elastic.


Care for hair, protecting your hairSilk hair scrunchies

Silk is the safest choice for all hair types. It even helps protect dry and damaged hair. Your hair is your crowning glory, what frames your face, so it is worth protecting. Known for its gentleness with hair, a silk hair scrunchie will protect your hair.


Silk is your bedtime hair treatment

Did you know that a lot of damage to hair occurs while we sleep? When we toss and turn out hair grabs and is pulled. It is easy to cause weakening and hair breakages, leading to irreversible damage.  Care for hair made easy.
But, when you sleep with your hair carefully tied back with a silk hair scrunchie, and even better combine the hair scrunchie with a silk pillowcase you protect your hair in your sleep.


Care for your beautiful hair

Care for hair.  Your hair is the beauty you wear every day. It is your mane, your crown. One of the first things you notice about someone is their hair. You can’t help but admire glossy, soft, flowing locks and cute sophisticated bobs of healthy hair. While we all lead busy lives, we do all tie our hair up, and sleep, so using silk products in your hair is self-care treatment you don’t have to make time for!


The perfect combination for beautiful hair

The silk pillowcase and silk scrunchie combination is the perfect combination for beautiful hair. It is how to look amazing and care for your hair at the same time.

The real silk hair scrunchie – beautiful, stylish protection for your hair, and it couldn’t be simpler to do.

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