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Bridesmaids Gifts

Beautiful bridesmaids gifts

A wedding is an experience. A stunningly planned event celebrating love. The bridesmaid gifts from the bride are such an important part. Best bridesmaids gifts show how much the bride appreciates her bridesmaids and their time and love for her and her wedding.  A special bridesmaids gift box, with beautiful silk, a stunning touch of luxury.


Bridesmaids gifts AustraliaWhy special bridesmaid presents?

It should always be part of your wedding day planning and budget to treasure bridesmaids with thoughtful bridesmaid gifts they will cherish forever. Everything about your wedding will be beautiful with some of these perfect gift ideas for bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids are there from the very start and put a lot of time, money and love into helping create your special day. It is good wedding etiquette to plan thoughtful bridesmaid gifts.


When do you give gifts to your brides maids?

Bridesmaid gifts are traditionally given very early into wedding preparations. Usually when you first ask them to be your bridesmaid as a heartfelt and elegant way of asking them to be a special part of your wedding.


Ultimate bridesmaid gift

According to Cosmopolitan a silk pillowcase and eye mask combination is one of 2019 Top Gifts for Brides maids. At Lujo Home we have divine silk pillowcases and silk eye masks for popular best bridesmaids gifts.


 Silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are purely magical to sleep on. Why wouldn’t you want to gift that experience to your amazing bridesmaids. Hair is easily damaged from normal pillowcases as it grabs and pulls on the hair as you sleep.

Silk pillowcases however glide and even help the hair keep its natural oils.  Perfect for bridesmaid beauty routines. They are a luxurious bridesmaid gift that shows appreciation and love. Given well before the wedding they also help the bridesmaid’s pre wedding beauty routine, creating softer hair and reducing face lines caused by sleep.


 Best bridal gifts


No frizzy hair on the big day!

Your brides maids will have beautiful wedding hair when they sleep on a silk pillowcase. They will remember your wedding with a smile because your thoughtfulness meant their hair was dreamy, smoother and softer, thanks to your best bridesmaid gift!


Styled with a colour theme

Flow your wedding colours through to your bridal gifts easily. At Lujo Home you will find silk pillowcases that come beautifully gift boxed. Perfect for themed bridesmaid presents in a range of colours from black to charcoal, navy, ivory/white, gold, blue, purple, caramel or pink.

 Quality silk – Indulge your bridesmaids in the highest quality 100% 22 momme grade 6A long strand mulberry silk pillowcases. Elegant bridal gift giving for the women you are honouring at your wedding. Silk that will be gentle to their skin and hair.


Elegant gifting, Silk eye masks, stunning bridesmaids gift box

Eyes are the window to the soul, so we want our bridesmaids to be sparkly and dewy fresh. A great night’s sleep is always a beauty must do. Protect the delicate skin around their eyes with beautiful silk gifts.

Can you imagine being gifted a beautiful, silk sleep mask as a bridesmaid gift? As a bride, a silk eye mask of stunning quality is an elegant bridesmaid gift and an affordable wedding gift they will treasure.


Bridal gifts

Best bridesmaids gift, quality silk beauty products

From the 19 momme mulberry silk to the luxurious, gift boxed 22, a silk eye mask is the special gift that could be just what you are looking for. For a luxurious wedding, a combination gift box with a silk sleep mask and silk pillowcase would be the ultimate gift.

You can find a wide range of beautiful wedding gift ideas at Lujo Home including silk hair scrunchies, luxury linen, bamboo linen, eco homewares and beautiful silk gift boxed products.


What do our customers think?

Vanessa H. Verified Buyer  “5 stars”

Beautiful silk, perfect present for my bridesmaids!

I purchased a few silk pillow cases + eye masks for my bridesmaids. I thought this was a perfect present – something they could use the night before the wedding. Melissa was so lovely to deal with – fantastic communication, very helpful. The parcel arrived within a few days – each item in a gorgeous gift box. Could not recommend more highly. Thank you xx




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