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Best silk pillowcase Australia. With the popularity of silk pillowcases here in Australia you may be wondering “What’s the best silk pillowcase Australia?” It’s a well-known beauty secret, that our silk pillowcases are a must have for your hair and skin.  At Lujo Home we specialize in the finest Mulberry Silk.

We often get asked by our customers to explain differences in quality.  Why we have the best silk pillowcase Australia.  Many people contact us after purchasing lower grade silk pillowcases.  [Even more expensive ones].  Not realizing the huge variance in quality and workmanship.


Looking to reduce ageing on your hair and skin?

The simplest way to improve your hair and skin.  A silk pillowcase for hair, is one of the simplest, yet greatest addition to your hair and beauty products.

Mulberry silk pillowcase is super soft on your hair and skin.  The silky surface allows your hair and skin to glide across your pillow, as you turn when you sleep.  This reduces the ageing of your skin over time.  It can also help your skin and hair remain more hydrated.  And reduce your morning ‘bird nest’ hair mess!

Less friction means less tugging on your hair and fewer split ends. Imagine the difference on your hair over time? You will wish you bought your new silk pillowcase sooner!










Best silk pillowcase Australia

At Lujo Home we don’t cut corners. Not all silk is equal. Quality products, and the best customer service is on the top of our list of values. Have a read of our reviews and you will see how happy our customers are. The answer is simple. In Australia, Mulberry silk pillow slips seem to be quite a buzz. And for good reason.

So what is the best way to buy silk pillowcase Australia? With so many silk pillowcases on the market, have a look why ours are the best quality, at an affordable price.

Mulberry silk is a natural material. Not to be confused with the synthetic version. Natural Mulberry silk is far superior to the synthetic satin. Although some manufacturers market as ‘silk’, we never will.


Does the momme make a difference?

Our Mulberry Silk pillowcases are manufactured with the highest grade pure Mulberry silk. We only use 19, 22 or 25 momme grade 6A long strand silk.

A momme is a measure of fabric density. A higher fabric density makes a higher quality fabric weight. The higher the silk momme (weight) the longer your silk pillowcase is likely to last. 25 momme is our most luxurious Mulberry silk. The best silk pillowcase Australia.

Bedding needs to be at minimum 19 momme to be long-lasting. Our silk pillowcases are a higher quality than many manufacturers. All our silk exceeds this measurement.

Why do we sell all three 19, 22 and 25 momme?

To give you choice. Extra choice in colours (more availability in the 19 and 22 momme silk). Extra choice in price points. All three ranges are constructed to our same superior standards.


Best silk pillowcase Australia




Double sided silk

Our silk pillowcases come with silk both sides. We do not cheapen or cut corners with cotton or a ‘synthetic silk’ on one side of our pillowcase. We also have a hidden zipper. The zip allows your pillowcase to stay on your pillow – all night!

The premier benefit of using a Mulberry silk pillowcase is the fact it’s a natural material.  Mulberry silk helps your body regulate your temperature while sleeping. It can also reduce sweating over the course of a night’s sleep.  Best silk pillowcase Australia.

Don’t get caught out buying a cheaper product that won’t last.  You will find all the information needed to make an informed decision on all our listings.

And yes, I am glad you asked.  We are an 100% family owned small business.  All our stock is here in South Australia and we ship straight to your door!


Our three ranges, best silk pillowcase Australia

If luxury is for you, you will love our premium range of silk pillowcases. Available in all three sizes from standard to King.  These team perfectly with our premium eye masks [each in their own individual gift boxes]. Or if standard size fits your pillow (50 x 66cm) and you want an eye mask in a gift pack see our 22 momme pillowcase and eye mask sets here.

Our 19 momme pillowcases are equally as stunning, just a slightly lighter silk than our premium range. They have a matching eye mask range, and all come in plain plastic packaging rather than the gift boxes of the premium range. We have extra colours in this range not available in the premium such as red, dark green and our ever-popular teal colour.