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Best bridal gifts, for a modern Bride

Best Bridal Gifts

The best bridal gifts are ones that shows careful thought and love.  Bridal gift ideas should be ones of beauty, elegance and sophisticated.  Gifts that brides love.  Bridal shower gifts and special gifts from the bridesmaids or the groom to the bride set the tone for how special she feels in the lead up to her wedding.


What is the perfect gift for a bride?  Bridesmaid gift to Bride, from anyone special.


Bridal gift from groomA gift for a bride should be thoughtful and luxurious. The best bridal gifts are ones a bride truly treasures and remembers. You know the kind; they are the ones she talks about for ages afterwards or you see them when you visit her home. Bridal presents to remember.

They can be practical but should also tick the bridal gift boxes of elegant and sumptuous.

Is your best friend getting married? Or are you the groom wanting to show your bride to be how much you adore her? Is the whole bridal party wanting to spoil the bride together? If you are wanting a special bride gift, or you need a bridal shower gift, think Lujo Home.


Bridal gift ideas

Bride to be gifts Australia.  At Lujo Home we have the perfect gifts for brides.  Bridesmaid gift to Bride, and all things luxury.


Luxurious Mulberry Silk products

Nothing quite says luxurious as silk. Silk is always a popular bridal present.  Lujo home sells a wide range including rejuvenating eyes masks, beauty promoting silk pillowcases, fashion must-have silk hair scrunchies and quilts. Lots of sumptuous and beautifully packaged silk gift ideas that the bride will love.


Bridal shower giftsAre you a Bridesmaid?  The perfect Bridesmaid gift to Bride – Silk for beauty sleep

The perfect gift.  Looking for a Bridesmaid gift to Bride.  Silk helps keep a bride’s skin soft and dewy. A bridal gift idea to promote rest and beauty sleep before her wedding day. Bed linen is also a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings, a thoughtful bridal shower gift. Silk pillowcases are renowned for their ability to reduce sleep wrinkles and keep your hair softer. What a beauty ‘must have’ and great gift idea for a bride leading up to her wedding.


New wedding, new start with eco homewares gift ideas

Create your own ethical bridal gift basket. Care for the environment with an eco-bride gift. This also gives the bride and groom and exciting start to wedding life because they are starting their married life together inspired and helping the planet.


Best Bridal gifts, Gift boxed bride gifts

Bridal gifts that come gift boxed are finished and elegant. They are so polished and ready to gift as is, taking all the stress out for you. Many items at Lujo Home can be bridal shower gift boxed including our highest-quality, silk pillowcases. Such a perfect gift for brides and bridesmaids, mothers and mother in laws, because they nurture hair and facial skin. They glide rather than pull like cotton, avoiding new wrinkles and split ends.


Bridesmaids gift to BrideBeauty Hampers

Many bridal party’s gift-shop together to buy one large gift or a themed hamper of beautiful bridal presents. Together a bridal party can pool their money for the perfect wedding gifts for the bride for that wow factor.

A bridal beauty hamper can include all things Mulberry silk.  For the perfect wedding day photos – silk pillowcases for a beautiful, rested face.  Luxurious bedding perfect for married bliss. Organic hair treatments and silk hair scrunchies, for the best care her hair deserves, spa vouchers are just a few luxury items for your hamper.

It can even be useful and practical like some organic wine and an eco-wedding gift hamper complete with eco kitchen and shopping products to start married life with a positive and ethical start.


Origins of the bridal present

Bridal shower gifts were traditionally to help a bride set up her new home, now they are about making the bride feel beautiful and loved. The thought that goes into the shower gifts, the gift from the groom to his bride and wedding guests really set the tone for a wedding wrapped in love.

Make sure your bride feels special, beautiful and loved by putting a lot of thought and care into her gifts.

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