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Benefits of silk pillowcases

The amazing benefits of silk pillowcases have been documented by doctors, dermatologists and hair stylists all over the world. Silk pillowcases are famous for being the best silk pillowcase for hair.  Read all about silk pillowcase benefits and shop for the best quality 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases here.

So, what are the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase?

Best silk pillowcase for hair

Naturally occurring proteins found in silk and its smooth texture reduce hair damage and split ends, making our pillowcases the best silk pillowcase for hair. Because silk isn’t absorbent like cotton, using a silk pillowcase also limits the loss of natural oils from your hair and improves fizziness and shine.

Does sleeping on a silk pillowcase stop hair loss? Probably not, but sericin (a silk protein) has been used in hair products for years because it smooths the hair cuticle, makes hair look thicker and prevents it from tangling.  All up we think our Lujo Home silk pillowcases are the best pillowcase for hair.

Read what our customers have to say about the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases here.

A silk pillowcase for your beauty sleep

Unlike cotton, linen or polyester, silk doesn’t cause creasing, pulling, rubbing or dragging of the skin. The smooth surface stops rubbing and dermatologists say that sleeping on a silk pillowcase may help to slow visible signs of aging. In 1999, the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications reported that sleep lines occurred when there was repetitive, long-term tension on the skin. Studies revealed an average 12% improvement in wrinkles within 28 days of eliminating the source of friction.

The Neglected Importance of Sleep on the Formation and Aggravation of Facial Wrinkles and Their Prevention

Pair one of our luxury silk eye masks with your purchase to experience the full, anti-aging effect.

Health benefits of silk pillowcases

High quality silk forms a physical barrier against dust mites and their faeces. Unlike fabric that can trap pet dander, pollen, mould spores and other allergens, high quality silk is an effective barrier. Cheaper silk and satin pillowcases use less thread in their product to save costs but our silk pillowcases are woven so tightly that dust mites or their droppings can’t penetrate.

Protect your family from allergens with the highest quality silk here.

Sleeping on silk may reduce the symptoms of asthma, rosacea and eczema. Lujo Home 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases reduce friction while you sleep which may soothe your red, itchy and irritable skin conditions. Our silk is non-allergenic, odourless and chemical free unlike other fabrics that can emit gases and chemicals while you sleep.

Beauty benefits of silk pillowcases

We have mainly heard about silk pillowcases used as pillowcases for hair.  Silk pillowcases and bedding helps skin to retain that youthful glow. The moisture pulled into linen, cotton or polyester bedding can also draw in allergens and bacteria, causing damage and reactions to your hair and skin. Anything you put into your hair during the day can end up on your face but silk has a non-irritating, anti-bacterial effect. A study by the Department of Dermatology in Medical University (Austria) found that silk had positive effects on back acne after using it for 6 weeks.

What are the benefits of sleeping on silk?

Silk pillowcase for hair, also sleeping on silk bed sheets regulates your temperature. Suffering from hot flashes? Silk is a natural remedy for some symptoms of menopause because it absorbs and dissipates excess heat.  This means your temperature remains more consistent. The breathability and thermo-regulating properties of 100% Mulberry silk sheets are unmatched by cotton, linen or polyester sheets.  And especially fabric made from synthetic materials.

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