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Get a little eco at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show

Get a little eco at this year’s Royal Adelaide Show

Fireworks, animals, food and fun! The Royal Adelaide Show is one of the year’s highlights in South Australia. And this year Lujo Home will be at the show! Helping you with zero waste ideas like gorgeous lightweight bamboo cutlery and eco products so you can join the South Australia Zero Waste movement and enjoy the Royal Adelaide show, eco-style.


Eco shopping at the Royal Adelaide show

Find us first to tackle the show with an eco-living edge! Stop by, say hello and discover all the best eco-products for your family and eco products for your home. You truly can enjoy all the fun of the Adelaide show and help the environment at the same time.  You will find Lujo Home at stand B63 in the Fashion and Beauty section of the Jubilee Pavilion.


Eating with thought

Step one – purchase our quality Lujo Home reusable bamboo cutlery for your family to eat all the yummy food at the Royal Adelaide Show. How simple is that. It is such an easy way your family can help reduce single use plastic, like the millions of tonnes of plastic that ends up in landfill and our oceans. And you get to keep and use it afterwards. Plus, it’s beautiful to use.


Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is leading the way in the best eco buys. They easily replace disposable knives and forks. They are lightweight, easy to clean, strong, aesthetically beautiful and ethical. Perfect for every handbag, school lunchbox, work lunch and family outing.


Why bamboo utensils?

Imagine eating your delicious fresh salad or stuffed baked potato at the show with those layers of deliciousness but with a bamboo fork you know won’t hurt the environment. What a great eco ideas for families.


Reusable cutlery

Every small zero waste idea can add up. It’s common to hear about caring about what you eat, but we must also care about how we eat. Reusable cutlery is caring about how you eat. It is thinking about what happens to the plastic people use and throw away.  It helps the environment and you and your family make a difference.


Coffee tastes better in a reusable cup!

Step two – caffeinate your show day with a reusable coffee cup. Grab your Lujo Home reusable coffee cup from our stand before you make your way around the show. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, chai or hot chocolate do it with style and a care for the environment.


Lujo Home is at the Royal Adelaide Show

Find us at stand 63b of the Jubilee Pavilion.  In the fashion and beauty section.  At our Lujo Home stall at the Royal Adelaide Show you will also find a gorgeous little bamboo cutlery set complete with fork, knife, spoon, straw, stainless steel straw cleaner and chop sticks, all wrapped beautifully in a specially designed bag. So many zero waste ideas. An eco-shopping must have and perfect eco-gift idea!


South Australia leads the way to a sustainable future

The most exciting news recently is that South Australia bans singe use plastics, leading the way in Australia for ideas to reduce plastic waste. It is exciting times for eco living in Adelaide and we can all do our part to show support.

It is really exciting to see South Australia leading the way in reducing plastic waste. If we want a greener future for our children we need to make greener choices too.


Zero waste ideas.  Eco shopping with Lujo Home

Pop by the Lujo home stand when you get to the show so you can see some of the fantastic eco shopping products out there to help you live a little more eco and enjoy the show with great green living ideas.

And finally, upon leaving stop by Lujo Home’s stall again to grab a luxurious silk pillowcase to get the best night’s sleep your hair and skin have ever had. What a way to end an amazing day at the show. Something for everyone at this year’s Adelaide Show!








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Eco Store Adelaide. Is your smile eco-friendly?

Eco store Adelaide.  Is your smile eco-friendly?

We all want to live greener lives without compromising on style and beauty.  Lujo Home is a South Australian family owned online store with our own brand of quality eco homewares.

Living a little eco in Adelaide

If you want to start living a little more eco, in Adelaide, start with your teeth. Polish your radiant smile using a re-usable toothbrush. Lujo home is an eco-loving shop online that sells the best eco toothbrushes. Switching your toothbrush is a small step with a positive effect.

Smarter Smiles

Every smarter choice we make for the planet has a positive effect. Eco choices don’t have to be just functional or less attractive options, in fact they can be the most beautiful things you own! We have done all the research for the very best quality eco products that are out there.  At our online store you will find an eco-toothbrush that is even beautiful enough to display.  For travel we also have a smarter choice for storing your bamboo toothbrush. See our bamboo toothbrush holder for a more environmental choice.

Bamboo toothbrush Australia

Expertly styled eco toothbrushes

The bamboo toothbrushes at our Lujo Home eco shop meet a growing demand for eco-friendly brushes. Colourful and stylish and effective at safely cleaning your teeth. The soft and fine bristles compliment the clever design. Expertly styled and shaped, they are natural bamboo products with a pop of exciting colour. Their styling makes them a popular feature in even the most luxurious, eco or modern bathrooms. Coming in many bright colours you can have matching colour coded family brushes. You could even co-ordinate your bathroom towels around them. Eco smart bathroom styling at its best.

Inspired teeth brushing

Brushing your teeth is something you do every day, moreover one of the most important things we do. For parents it is one of the most important things we teach our children to do for their health and confidence. Experts say we should brush our teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and again before bed. Children don’t always want to brush their teeth so an inspired experience with beautiful toothbrushes makes the whole experience easier!

Now, Adelaide families can make the teeth brushing ritual a family affair done with ethical style and in a beautiful, rainbow. Find your favourite colour bamboo toothbrush here.

Bamboo toothbrushes, the best choice for your family

Such a simple purchase has you smiling brightly knowing you have clean, sparkling teeth and your helping the planet. Bamboo toothbrushes are fast becoming the best choice for beautiful teeth and the smartest eco-shopping purchase. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. The bamboo handles biodegrade meaning no awful plastic waste. These gorgeous brushes help you leave a smaller footprint on the earth and provide the best option for your family.

Small actions making a big impact

Australians throw out over 30 million toothbrushes a year. That is around 1,000 tonnes of landfill at rubbish tips all around Australia. Truly, preventable waste.  Eco bamboo toothbrushes could make a difference, one at a time.

You and your kids can start saving the planet today. It all starts with a simple eco toothbrush! Shop online at our Lujo home online eco store in Adelaide and shop with an eco-heart and beauty, right here in Australia.

“Bamboo toothbrushes, because your beautiful smile matters.”

Eco store Adelaide.  Lujo Home is a South Australian online store specializing in quality Mulberry silk and reusable eco homewares.  You can buy our eco friendly products direct from us online here and get delivered straight to your door.

What other quality eco products can you find at Lujo Home?

Eco Store Adelaide

Our largest range of the Lujo Home product range can be found right here on our online store.  Shop online now and have delivered to your home.  Online we have many payment options such as Afterpay, Zip, Humm and Laybuy.

Most of our online orders ship within 24 hrs (business days).  Our courier pickup is daily midweek.  Shopping from our online store you can expect to get your delivery most times within 1-3 business days if you are metro SA.
Shop for all our Lujo Home quality products at our South Australian family owned ONLINE STORE


Adelaide Westfield Marion and TTP pop up shops

Do you remember us from our Adelaide Westfield Marion and TTP pop up shops, yes we have the same amazing products as we always had at our pop up shops (actually even more!) but you can now find our eco products here in our online store as well as online at Myer and Myer Market (online only – not in stores)



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