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5 Fabulous Alpaca Throw Blanket Ideas

5 Fabulous Alpaca Throw Blanket Ideas and How to Use them for Instant Color and Warmth

Alpaca throw blankets are more than those things that you curl up while you are binge-watching something on television.  Alpaca throw blankets are the perfect accessory for any room.  They can add pops of color and design while also creating warmth in any space.  If you have a throw blanket and want to figure out how to use it properly to create stunning visual appeal in the space, these are 5 fabulous throw blanket ideas that will change how you think about your alpaca blankets.


1.  Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Bedrooms can often be a neglected space in the home.  Even if you do not open up the space so that everyone can see inside, you still may want it to look nice for yourself.  Take your colorful throw and drape it over your upholstered headboard to give your bedroom the fun touch you are looking for.  You can even attach Velcro to it, to ensure that it stays looking good and sits the way you want it.


2.  Seat Protection

You can also use your Alpaca throw blanket as a way to protect your seat cushions.  Fold up your throw and place it over the seat cushions on the chair.  Throws offer just enough protection to keep pet hair off of your chairs so your guests will not have to deal with pet hair getting all over them.  This can also add both protection and comfort for you during every day use.  Plus, you can also get the benefit of covering any imperfection in the seating when company is over in a stylish way.


3.  Back Cushion Flair

If you have a neutral chair that you want to jazz up, take your colorful designed alpaca blanket, fold it up lengthwise, and drape it over the back of the chair. Lift up the seat cushion and tuck it in to help keep it in place.


4.  Go Casual

Sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most fabulous.  In this case, it can be a great idea to take your alpaca blanket and just haphazardly drape the blanket over the back of your high-back chair.  Don’t worry about how it falls on the back of the chair, just let it go. This looks best if you choose a blanket with fringe on it (see our Alpaca Throws).


5.  Add to Bedding

After you have made up your bed, or any other bed in the house, add a touch of class and warmth to the space by folding a alpaca throw blanket up, and placing it over your comforter.  If you have a solid bedding set, you can use a bold, colorful colour for your throw blanket.  For a colorful bedding set, pick out your favorite color on the bedding set and get a throw to match that color.

These are just some of the ways that you can use your alpaca throw blanket to add unique touches to your home that will truly represent who you are.  So find your favorite throw blanket, and try out which of these ideas works best for your style preferences.


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