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5 simple tips for curly haired kids – Kids curly hair products

5 simple tips for curly haired kids

How do I care for my kid’s curly hair?

Curls are gorgeous. When you have a curly haired baby everyone comments on their beautiful, curly hair. But how do you look after curly hair in kids? What kids’ curly hair products are there? And most importantly, what works and what won’t have your child screaming when you do their hair?  Here are a few thinks you may not have thought of.  The choice of kids scrunchies, and even a kids pillowcase can make a remarkable difference.  A kids silk pillowcase?  Who would have guessed something so simple could make such a big difference.

Kids’ curly hair products

Looking after curly hair is different to straight or wavy hair. Curly hair is inherently dry and often curly hair is prone to the dreaded frizz! Simply, curly hair needs special care!

How to get soft, flowing curls in kids’ hair

Curly kids hair needs care too, just like adult hair. A walk into a chemist and you will see whole dedicated shelves to curly hair care products. This is your biggest giveaway that curly hair takes a little bit more love than other types!

Your curly haired child.  If your child has really curly hair, and you don’t. Or maybe you do but you just aren’t sure about kids hair care. You have come to the right place!

kids hair products

Top tips for curly hair in kids

Tip number 1 – Conditioner is a curly hair must have

Even for curly haired children it is critical to beautiful, soft, healthy curls. Invest in a beautiful conditioner and use it whenever you wash their hair, avoiding the roots. They are a child so as they won’t need much so choose a lovely organic one rich with nutrients and oils or curl specific.  Quality kids hair products can make a big difference.

Tip number 2 – Avoid the ‘just woke up’ fro, a kids silk pillowcase

Curly haired kids especially, can go to bed with beautiful, soft curls and wake up with a wild, tangled mess – a foot high!

This can happen because as we sleep we toss and turn and roll over and delicate hair follicles get pulled and stretched, they tag on the fabrics while we sleep causing damage to hair.

A simple solution?   Silk pillowcases

One of the best investments you can make as a parent of a child with curly hair is a silk pillowcase for them. Silk is good for hair. It doesn’t draw the good oils out like cotton and other fabrics can. Hair glides across silk so no stretched or damaged hair.

Try a silk pillowcase for curly hair kids and you will see so much less frizz and knots each morning. Plus, they get to feel like a Queen or King as they sleep on all that silky smooth softness.

Imagine if something as simple as a silk pillowcase could halve your kids hair brushing issues.

kids silk pillowcase

Tip number 3 – Wash and dry with care


  • Shampoo their hair every day, as it strips all the natural oils.
  • Blow dry unless you really have too.
  • Brush while bone dry – it can stretch the hair, lose curls and turn you into a cloud of frizz.


  • Use a fantastic conditioner in kids curly hair.
  • Let air-dry curly hair as much as possible after squeezing the water out.
  • Use a leave in conditioner when brushing. Some curly haired people find brushing curly hair in the shower after conditioning the best and then let it dry naturally.

Tip number 4 – Kids hair products.  The right tools

Just like a builder wouldn’t use the wrong tools, neither should you with hair. The thing is too, we have to do our kids’ hair every morning for school for many, many years so getting the right tools and equipment when they are young is an investment in healthy hair, and your sanity!

Get the right brush

Ever stood and looked at the extensive range of brushes out there? Different brushes truly do different things to hair and curly hair needs its only style.

Brushing curly hair

Many say a wide toothed comb or a specific curly hair brush will make a huge difference. There are many on the market more suited to curly hair.  Another tip is to brush out knots from lower curls first and work your way up to your crown.

Tip number 5 – Curly hair accessories

Just like the silk pillowcases are great for curly hair and the right brush reduces damage and pain, the accessories you use should be taken into account too.  Kids scrunchies are always our first go to for any hair.

What should you use in curly hair?

First of all, throw out all those elastics that pull and grab at the hair. You know the kind, when you take them out of your child’s hair there is always a yelp and a few strand of hair with it!

Use something good for hair like silk hair scrunchies.  Honestly, as a parent those screams as you try and put a lackey in or take one out, especially in kids with curly hair are just awful. And how many times are you already running late to get to school or its past bedtime too.

Silk hair scrunchies are kind to the hair. The silk fabric glides through the hair and still holds it firmly in place. After a week both you and your child will marvel at how much easier it is to put up, and take down their hair.   Kids scrunchies in silk are a must have accessory.

Kids pillowcase, amazing for every child’s hair

Do you have a child with a Sensory Processing Disorder and find bedtime and hair brushing difficult or stressful? (or ANY issues with hair brushing) You may want to read this review from our amazing customer

Gizette W. Verified Buyer
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Perfect

I bought the two Pillow cases for my 3yr old.

She has Sensory Processing Disorder, this causes her to have issues with sleep and she moves so much at night. Thus in turn turning her hair into a massive birds nest, and brushing is NOT an option (Less I fancy an early morning wrestle match).

Since having the Pillow Cases, her hair has been noticeably smoother and easier to manage in the morning.

I can even get a brush to it without a wrestle.

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